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The journey of the soul

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I have read in “Testimony of Light” by Helen Greaves about repeated lives and have also read about the concept of the eternal return. Does this ever actually happen? Could a soul repeat a life if it was thought maybe the lessons might be better learned the second time around? This might explain deja vu experiences?? ~Caroline, Ireland

ANSWER: Souls have the freedom to choose that which they will engage in once they enter a human body. These decisions are made before and during their human experiment. When not contained in a body, they are merely energy existing in the unconditional love of the universe where they may, as they decide, maintain contact with those souls still having their human journey.

Helen Greaves’s continuing conversation with her good friend, known in that life as Sister Mary Frances, is a very common occurrence among those who are open to the fact that life never ends but just changes configurations. The soul never ceases to exist; it just goes from one role to another, like an actor. We call this process “reincarnation” – to incarnate again, or return to a body.

Souls’ purpose for entering into the duality of negative and positive energies on Earth, the only place they exist, is to learn from the chosen lessons in which they have an interest. Such lessons, which have to be detected within the negativity of humankind, require the soul to see, understand, and integrate the positive aspect of the subject into their being. Many times they do not accomplish this with the first attempt.

The standard practice for completing an unlearned lesson is to approach it from a slightly different perspective to see if the soul can understand it under those circumstances. Rarely, if ever, will a soul choose to duplicate a situation in which they failed to see the lesson hidden in the negativity. A soul will bring another set of variables – parents, location, and additional lessons – to see if that sparks understanding.

Each soul creates its own reality by what it desires and accepts as true for each life.  Changing any part of their beliefs affects the other souls living in their reality, so things never play out exactly the same a second time around.

Déjà vu occurs from the energy one remembers from a prior time. It is stronger with a physical location, because that remains the same, than it is with another person or soul.

Free love, when he wants it

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I finished a relationship of two years because of moral divergences. I’m sure that I love her, but I also want to get intimate and have sex with other women and even have more than one mate at a time. I never wanted to abandon her permanently. I believe that it is an important lesson. She does not love me unconditionally to be my mate and allow me the freedom to the lessons that I want? I am demanding too much of a mate? I’m not sure if I ever met a soul mate. ~Pedro, Brazil

ANSWER: Having a human sexual relationship does not require you to be with a soul mate. Most of one’s experiences in each lifetime are with non-soul mates. There are billions of souls, and only about 144 of them are from your soul group. You have not met, in a love relationship, any of your soul group; nor is that necessary to accomplish what you think you desire in this life.

Part of your question relates to a fantasy that you see yourself living. It is against almost all societal ethics. That does not mean that it cannot occur if you find consenting adults. In a spiritual journey, nothing is considered to be right or wrong but merely undertaken for the experience.

Because of the way people are raised, getting most of their beliefs about behavior from their parents, teachers, religions, and society, you will have difficulty finding someone who believes as you do. Ask yourself: If you found yourself intensely loving someone, would you be open to their taking other partners?

Not only can you not be sure if you loved that woman, because you can love another only to the extent that you love yourself, but also, you do not know what either love or self-love is. You think that having many sexual partners, your definition of love, will let you feel more love in all realms of your life. Simply, it will not. It will just leave you more confused and yearning.

You say this is all about lessons, while you ignore your primary chosen lesson of understanding human and spiritually unconditional love. Find out why you are so dissatisfied with your life. When you feel total love of this journey you are on and every aspect of it (which is complete love of self), then you will see repeated sexual experiences have nothing to do with feeling love and being loved.

Learning more about energy healing

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been enjoying learning more about energy work. I’ve learned about Reiki and Qi gong. I feel energy more and more at my hands. I have tried to do energy healing. For example, when I have a headache, I can feel heat at the area. I position my hands and I can feel energy transfer. Within a few minutes, the heat is gone and the energy dissipates. But the pain doesn’t always go away. Instead of becoming frustrated, I would love to understand next steps I could take that could help facilitate more healing. ~AJ, USA

ANSWER: Energy healing involves two things: You must have the intention to bring through the healing force, and also have unquestionable confidence that the result will be what is needed by the patient. “Trying,” instead of thinking about something as “being done,” has only a 50/50 chance of being successful. To try says you feel it may work, but it also has the chance of failing.

When you are working on yourself, you must have no doubt that your desired intention will be fulfilled. If you have a little voice in the back of your head that says “this will not work” or “ who am I kidding” or any other such doubt, the energy is totally ineffective because the universe responds to your skepticism by shutting down the flow, and you have thus sabotaged all the effort you are putting into the practice.

You will also not be able to eradicate pain, or change the course of another’s physical ailment, if it is connected to a lesson that has not been discovered and understood, and no steps have been taken to complete it. In such a situation, go into a meditative state and ask your higher self, or your guides, what is happening. Why is this not being changed as my intention indicates?

Since energy healing involves spiritual intervention, you should not be vested in the outcome. It is not up to you as a human using your ego judgment mind to anticipate what the soul has decided it wishes to experience.

Frustration occurs when reality differs from the expectations you have allowed yourself to create. Expectations are the results of ego judgment and are dangerous and limiting in scope. They permit only one potential outcome. If something better or more complete than you imagined is available, you will never reach that conclusion because you are restricted only to what you expect to see.