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Life Changes

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I have had a very demanding summer. In June my husband left me, in July my grandmother (father’s mom) died, and in August my father died. I have grieved a lot but I have also got great comfort from Reiki and other energy healing methods. This new path which I have found has also led me in knowing that I’m a light worker myself. I’m very grateful for that! I’m attending Fisher’s divorce seminar which also gives me useful advice. My biggest problem is that I still love my husband from the bottom of my heart and I feel as the ultimate truth that we are meant to be together. I also know that he still has some warm feelings towards me and is concerned of my well-being. Is there any real hope for us or should I cut loose and move on? ~Anne, Finland

ANSWER: You certainly did not plan an easy period into your life. Your recent awareness of self has allowed you to weather the storms with minimal damage. Grief, acceptance, and forgiveness are some of this life’s lessons. Within this turmoil you have increased confidence in your own abilities. You were quite dependent upon your husband for emotional and day-to-day support. You were then tossed out without a safety net and not only survived but thrived. This was planned.

Your connection with universal life force energy has exposed you to unconditional love without emotional baggage. Spend time within that energy while meditating. Call it in and get used to the feel—that is the next step you are seeking. You will find strength and answers to all your problems as you spend time learning to love yourself.

You and your husband had many contracts which you have completed. He needs to experience new things without you—as do you without him. That does not mean that some time in the future you may not each choose to renew your contact. The time is not right for you now. You need to see and plan the immediate future with just yourself in mind. Think only of yourself for a change. Do things because they feel perfect for you and not because it is your usual pattern or someone else desires you to act in a certain way. Embark on the great adventure before you with an eager heart. Live in the present and let the past rest.

Used to be able to channel

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, when I was a teenager, I had some powerful channeling experiences, during which I channeled “lectures” to my parents. I felt the energy as powerful, but didn’t understand what was happening at the time. Now that I am aware, and doing spiritual work, it seems I have lost this channeling ability. Why did it happen in the past and will the verbal channeling ability return so that I can use it to help people? ~Maria, Australia

ANSWER: During your teen years you were uninhibited when it came to openness with the non-physical energies around you. You became a conduit for spirits who desired to have a voice. This is something that you have done in many past lives and comes naturally to you. Some of these were beautiful beings of the light and some were discarnate souls stuck in the heavy Earth energies because they didn’t want to let go and move on.

During your awakening to spiritual awareness, part of your learning taught you the difference between positive and negative energy. On a deep unconscious level, you now realize some of the old contacts were not of the light. This has tempered your inner desire to re-establish contact.

With your prior experience it will be easy to reconnect if you overcome those inner fears. Be very cautious as you open up the channels that you protect yourself against negative energies. Put out the intention that only beings of the light come into your communications.

Your first step should be to open a consistent dialogue with your own guides. They can then help introduce you to other beings of the light who may assist you. There are a number of spirits who are ready to help. Just ask them!

Is death penalty murder?

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, what is your mental perception or perception of thoughts on death penalty? A death row criminal is also the creation in the image of GOD—for some reasons this sentient being chose to play an ignorant and ungodly person or to end his karmic retribution in his lifetime. The judge meted out justice to end this sentient being’s life. What difference is there between the criminal and the judge who in the name of justice can kill a sentient being legally? As the saying goes, it is better to save a life than to build seven stories pagoda. Don’t you think it is benevolent to mete a life sentence in jail to repent for his ungodly action? ~Melvin, Singapore

ANSWER: We do not judge the things that you souls decide to experience and experiment with while you are in body form. All souls, whether you perceive them as “good guys” or “bad guys,” are the same on the soul level. You all were broken off from Source and contain the same unconditionally loving energy. Only on Earth is there negativity. Only there do you react in an emotional way to “justice” because it only exists on Earth.

Regardless of how the soul is attired, as saint or sinner per Earth standards, it is obliged to follow the rules and regulations where it chose to live. If it is trying out the energy of a murderer, and did so in an area that upholds the death penalty, it was aware of that fact on a soul level when it planned the life. The experience of the execution may have been the reason it chose the drama involved.

Many nations and areas on the planet do not allow executions within their judicial systems, the vast majority because they feel it would make them murderers by carrying out such a sentence. They feel, as you have suggested, that the prison should spend time repenting. But it is impossible to force another to do anything they do not seek to do. The inmate may spend the rest of his time on Earth cursing the system and the world, and spewing gross negativity into the area.

Forced time in solitary confinement, possibly resulting in the discovery of meditation, may aid people in working through the life lessons for which they came to Earth. That also would have been part of the plan. It might also happen to the soul when it is faced with imminent death.

You quote a beautiful adage. We would inquire: How do you save people if they have established another direction for their life and are not prepared to be saved?