Is death penalty murder?

QUESTION: Masters, what is your mental perception or perception of thoughts on death penalty? A death row criminal is also the creation in the image of GOD—for some reasons this sentient being chose to play an ignorant and ungodly person or to end his karmic retribution in his lifetime. The judge meted out justice to end this sentient being’s life. What difference is there between the criminal and the judge who in the name of justice can kill a sentient being legally? As the saying goes, it is better to save a life than to build seven stories pagoda. Don’t you think it is benevolent to mete a life sentence in jail to repent for his ungodly action? ~Melvin, Singapore

ANSWER: We do not judge the things that you souls decide to experience and experiment with while you are in body form. All souls, whether you perceive them as “good guys” or “bad guys,” are the same on the soul level. You all were broken off from Source and contain the same unconditionally loving energy. Only on Earth is there negativity. Only there do you react in an emotional way to “justice” because it only exists on Earth.

Regardless of how the soul is attired, as saint or sinner per Earth standards, it is obliged to follow the rules and regulations where it chose to live. If it is trying out the energy of a murderer, and did so in an area that upholds the death penalty, it was aware of that fact on a soul level when it planned the life. The experience of the execution may have been the reason it chose the drama involved.

Many nations and areas on the planet do not allow executions within their judicial systems, the vast majority because they feel it would make them murderers by carrying out such a sentence. They feel, as you have suggested, that the prison should spend time repenting. But it is impossible to force another to do anything they do not seek to do. The inmate may spend the rest of his time on Earth cursing the system and the world, and spewing gross negativity into the area.

Forced time in solitary confinement, possibly resulting in the discovery of meditation, may aid people in working through the life lessons for which they came to Earth. That also would have been part of the plan. It might also happen to the soul when it is faced with imminent death.

You quote a beautiful adage. We would inquire: How do you save people if they have established another direction for their life and are not prepared to be saved?