Used to be able to channel

QUESTION: Masters, when I was a teenager, I had some powerful channeling experiences, during which I channeled “lectures” to my parents. I felt the energy as powerful, but didn’t understand what was happening at the time. Now that I am aware, and doing spiritual work, it seems I have lost this channeling ability. Why did it happen in the past and will the verbal channeling ability return so that I can use it to help people? ~Maria, Australia

ANSWER: During your teen years you were uninhibited when it came to openness with the non-physical energies around you. You became a conduit for spirits who desired to have a voice. This is something that you have done in many past lives and comes naturally to you. Some of these were beautiful beings of the light and some were discarnate souls stuck in the heavy Earth energies because they didn’t want to let go and move on.

During your awakening to spiritual awareness, part of your learning taught you the difference between positive and negative energy. On a deep unconscious level, you now realize some of the old contacts were not of the light. This has tempered your inner desire to re-establish contact.

With your prior experience it will be easy to reconnect if you overcome those inner fears. Be very cautious as you open up the channels that you protect yourself against negative energies. Put out the intention that only beings of the light come into your communications.

Your first step should be to open a consistent dialogue with your own guides. They can then help introduce you to other beings of the light who may assist you. There are a number of spirits who are ready to help. Just ask them!