Life Changes

QUESTION: Masters, I have had a very demanding summer. In June my husband left me, in July my grandmother (father’s mom) died, and in August my father died. I have grieved a lot but I have also got great comfort from Reiki and other energy healing methods. This new path which I have found has also led me in knowing that I’m a light worker myself. I’m very grateful for that! I’m attending Fisher’s divorce seminar which also gives me useful advice. My biggest problem is that I still love my husband from the bottom of my heart and I feel as the ultimate truth that we are meant to be together. I also know that he still has some warm feelings towards me and is concerned of my well-being. Is there any real hope for us or should I cut loose and move on? ~Anne, Finland

ANSWER: You certainly did not plan an easy period into your life. Your recent awareness of self has allowed you to weather the storms with minimal damage. Grief, acceptance, and forgiveness are some of this life’s lessons. Within this turmoil you have increased confidence in your own abilities. You were quite dependent upon your husband for emotional and day-to-day support. You were then tossed out without a safety net and not only survived but thrived. This was planned.

Your connection with universal life force energy has exposed you to unconditional love without emotional baggage. Spend time within that energy while meditating. Call it in and get used to the feel—that is the next step you are seeking. You will find strength and answers to all your problems as you spend time learning to love yourself.

You and your husband had many contracts which you have completed. He needs to experience new things without you—as do you without him. That does not mean that some time in the future you may not each choose to renew your contact. The time is not right for you now. You need to see and plan the immediate future with just yourself in mind. Think only of yourself for a change. Do things because they feel perfect for you and not because it is your usual pattern or someone else desires you to act in a certain way. Embark on the great adventure before you with an eager heart. Live in the present and let the past rest.