Negative energy

QUESTION: Masters, my boyfriend of 8 yrs. left me. Since I still love him I want to make sure if there is a chance for me to come back with him. I was told by a fortune teller and a spiritualist that his ex-wife did witchcraft to him or sent him a bad spirit to accompany him to cause him to break up with me. Could I have your opinion? Does he need to get rid of that spirit possessing him? ~Karen, Puerto Rico

ANSWER: Your ex-boyfriend didn’t need to have anyone to help him accept the dark force that he carries. He is very impressed with power and he senses that negative energy is much stronger and more powerful than positive energy. That is true only when, as he has done, one rids oneself of all positive thoughts and thrives in the negative.

His ex-wife does use black magic and witchcraft to influence people, but those people have to be willing participants to have the treatment stay and intensify within them. Your ex-boyfriend likes the negativity of the bad spirit that is with him. He uses the spirit to strengthen his own negativity to increase his control over others.

Even before the negative spirit came on board, your boyfriend had started to change. You have changed also, but you are becoming more aware of the goodness in the world, while he seeks the evil. He is no longer the person with whom you fell in love. For the two of you to be able to have a comfortable relationship, either he would have to give up his control, or you would have to give up your goodness.

As for negative spirits, they prevent you from living your own life and learning what you came to Earth to learn. The problem is that it is his choice whether or not to send the spirit packing. No one else can make that decision for him.