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Message from beyond

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I have heard of people who have died and been brought back to life. Well, why did I have an experience one morning? I had this overwhelming feeling of having to lie back down or I would fall asleep sitting in my chair. I lay back down and then I was sitting with my sister’s boyfriend who had died. He was all in white; we were sitting on a bench with those pussy willows all around us flowing so beautifully. It was very bright but yet it was not the sun. I felt so calm, a feeling I never felt before or since. To be honest, if I had a choice I would have wanted to stay there. Paul was sitting next to me; he put his hand on my knee and said, “Please tell Karen I will always love her.” At the time my sister was staying with me; she had just stepped into the shower and it ended as soon as she was finished.  I have NEVER forgotten this experience and wonder why this happened to me. I did not die, and it WAS SO REAL. ~ Janis, United States

ANSWER: Souls, after they have left the physical realm, frequently need to reassure those left behind that they are all right. They would prefer to communicate with the person in question but are sometimes unable to for one reason or another. They will then go to someone with whom they can entrust their important message.

The timing of the visit coincided with the amount of time your sister was thinking about Paul and all the good times they shared. This gave a boost of energy to Paul’s spirit to be able to reach through the layers of vibrational difference and appear to you the way he did.

Paul wanted to be sure your sister knew of his continuing love. He was not sure she got the message directly so he visited you. For your time and trouble he gave you a beautiful gift. You were allowed to spend time in the unconditional love of the Other Side and to remember what it feels like. Your urge to stay there was very normal since you were at “Home.”

You were the recipient on this occasion because you were open to the possibility. And, no, you did not die. You did not even have one of those Near-Death Experiences of which you have read. You simply had another soul reach out to you from the spirit realm and engage in a conversation. It was real because you allowed it to become a part of your reality. Cherish the memory and understand it can happen whenever you are ready to take additional dictation. 😉

Life as a spirit

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I am not sure whether this is a silly question or not. As humans we need air, food, water, etc. to exist in a physical body. What do you need to exist as spiritual beings? ~David, UK

ANSWER: First, no question is totally silly, particularly when it gives us a good chuckle! Thank you. Let us just say that human bodies are very labor intensive. You have to feed, bathe, exercise, and love them—sounds almost like a pet, right?

Our essence—container if you wish to compare it to a body—doesn’t have a set form. It expands, contracts, divides, and morphs at will. We can rejoin the Source from which we came, choose to be observant of multiple places at the very same moment, or reenter a human shell for yet another go at learning life lessons in the duality of planet Earth. We can also choose to enter into another life form and follow its requirements. The possibilities are limitless because we, the same as you, have total freedom of choice.

So, let’s see, your question again was how are we sustained? We exist on a very simple substance which inhabits the entirety of existence: unconditional love. Many also refer to it as universal energy, the same substance that healers use to heal, re-balance, and re-energize your human bodies. That is the substance we need, and the driving force is our sentience.

Look in the mirror

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I decided to cut off most of the friendships I have including those who had given me greatest and at the same time the most painful memories for deciding to leave them. The group is always on my mind. I held resentment for friends outside the group as they just wouldn’t understand my point to join me in my quest. I need to go as I can’t find any meaning of staying as I can no longer contribute to the group feeling full of regret and resentment. I just can’t let go. Every day I think of them, the happy times we had. What should I do? I want to get my mind off them. ~June, Singapore

ANSWER: What you are saying over and over again is you do not choose to be alone. You do not choose to be responsible for your decisions and your life. You are paranoid concerning others’ thoughts. You are constantly second-guessing everything that you do. You want the approval and acceptance of others before you can feel good about what you do and where you are. You apply a major significance to the minor interactions that occur within the group dynamic.

It is time to finally acknowledge that no one can affect the way your life is going but yourself. It is unimportant what others think, say, or do regarding your life. It is also impossible for you to know truly what anyone else is thinking or feeling about the way you are leading your life, since you do not inhabit their physical being.

It is time to put a mirror in front of yourself that will not allow you to see anything else. Start living your life by examining the way you react to things from outside you. Take each incident and see how it makes you feel. Ask why you feel that way;  that will show you the problems you are really hiding from. Go into those situations and acknowledge what the facts are within and how you wish to resolve them. Others have nothing to do with the feelings you have about them or yourself. When you work on yourself you will not be fixated on the others.