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How do I love myself?

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, it seems that your answer to most inquiries is for us to love ourselves. What does this mean? How do I love myself? What criteria do I use? How do I begin this journey and how do I know when I’ve arrived at true self-love? It just seems so elusive! ~Sue, USA

ANSWER: Spiritual love is easily acknowledged in your life when you totally accept yourself exactly as you are at the moment. Sound a bit strange? To accept that you should love a body grossly overweight such that it is creating medical problems? What about accepting an addiction numbing you to your surroundings and separating you from the rest of the populace? Yes, we mean to accept all that is you! That is self-love. Self-love is unconditional love mirroring the Source energy of the universe. To not love the problem is to deny either that it exists or that you can learn enough to get rid of it from your life.

Self-love is relishing the reasons you have chosen to come into human form. That, simply, is to acknowledge, bring to your awareness, your life lessons. It is only when you can step away from fighting what you are here to confront that you can begin the journey that gives you the knowledge and wisdom required by your soul.

Self-love is to accept—but definitely not to “like”—the result or outward appearance of the lessons. This dislike becomes your motivation. You love that you have the strength to learn all about your lesson so you may reverse its deleterious effects upon your body. The love allows you to withdraw from the drama of the disliked task so you may dispassionately learn about it and find a solution to balance out the energy.

When you love yourself your lessons pop into awareness as difficulties in life—things you don’t like, but for which, by jumping in and rummaging around, you may find the cause and, with that, a solution. It may seem elusive, but it is really right there in your face! As your “dislikes” lessen, your self-love thrives.

Tell me my lessons

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I would be ever so grateful to know the lesson/lessons of my existing incarnation. I have been striving to understand for about six years. A whole lot has happened (I have met my spirit guide, learned to heal, divorced, done a lot of cleaning, etc.) but I’m still a question mark. To know the lessons would help me to recognize which are mine and which are the ones of other people, and I would know how to direct my life accordingly. I wish to learn my lessons…or at least one. Depends on how harsh they are! In any case, life is just so interesting!! ~Helen, Finland

ANSWER: You already have signposts in your life that say “this is a life lesson.” Never seen them? Of course you have, but you have just not recognized them. Any time you have a fear in life, or a doubt about what action you should take, you are looking face to face at a lesson. Just take your time and work through each task.

When you become aware of them, stop for a moment and ask: Where does this come from? How do I feel about this fear? Does it relate to some other experience I have had and avoided? Do I think of something that seems totally unrelated, like a statement about my abilities from the past? Delve deeply into the feelings surrounding each fear and doubt—those are the outlines of your learning session.

All the fears and doubts belong to you; you have plenty of things to do for yourself—no chance to get confused with someone else’s lessons. Nothing is too harsh for you, because you never set out to be confronted with more than you are able to handle in a lifetime. Take and clear each concern as it arises. It is not necessary to identify the lessons by definition, such as: this one is about abuse, that one about ego.

When you reach a state of being at peace with your life, no longer facing doubts and fears, you have completed this life’s desired work. Then playtime may commence!

Paying for infidelity

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I left my home town in England when I was going through a bad period with my wife to accept a job in Switzerland that appeared to suit my skills perfectly. However, my life has changed and I find the job is very stressful. I have a lovely relationship with a lady here, but my wife in the UK is hurt beyond measure. I meditate, am a novice Out-of-Body-Experiencer, and believe I have been able to contact my guide. Unfortunately, I feel as though I am failing with my spiritual efforts, my work, and my relationships with my colleagues. I sleep badly and have terrible thoughts in the early morning. I accept full responsibility for my actions. What should I do? Is it a karmic consequence of what I have done to my wife? ~John, Switzerland

ANSWER: You and your wife have a number of contracts you agreed to work on in this life. The period of difficulty that drove you to Switzerland was ego based in both of you. When you start out a relationship not being true to yourself but acting as you think the other person wants you to, you are on a shaky foundation. As the marriage continued it was impossible to live a lie with each other and your egos came out, causing you to be repelled by the other person as if you were strangers.

During the time you have been away, your wife has forgotten the reasons for the differences and imagines you as you were at the beginning of the union. She is not being realistic but living in a dream world. You can only see from your perspective and, since you loved her romantically very much, blame yourself for the fact you have been able to move on while she has not. People can be hurt only if they allow themselves to feel the hurt.

Your current lady friend is someone with whom you were yourself from the beginning. You had nothing to prove, no expectations, so it was easy to just be yourself. This feels so good and uncomplicated it feels safe. Spiritually this is a lesson that you learned. Life is about who you are, not who you pretend to be.

You equate taking responsibility for your actions with taking the “blame” for how others are affected and how everyone feels about a situation. Everything in your life now—your stress at work, your regret about your wife’s feelings, your terrible thoughts—is being driven by what you think you deserve. If you want to paint yourself as the “evil one,” deserving of punishment, you are doing a great job.

It is time to decide how the rest of your life will play out. Will you scourge yourself for the rest of your life? Will you go back to a marriage that will not work because it was based on lies? Or will you forgive yourself for being human and living your life by learning difficult lessons? Freedom of choice is awaiting.