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Not good enough

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, in recent years I’ve learned a lot about astral projection, meditation, spirit guides, and psychic abilities. I tried to contact my spirit guides, but didn’t meet them consciously. I meditate every day, but my mind and my heart are too restless. It’s hard to have a clear and empty mind when your heart is broken. It’s almost impossible to find true love. Girls are looking for money, not for love. I’m in love with a very beautiful girl, she cares about me. I don’t think I can make this girl mine. I tried diets to help me raise my vibrations. I need help from my angels and my spirit guides. How should I meditate to meet my spirit guides? ~Adrian, Romania

ANSWER: What you need above all else is to love yourself and have confidence in the decisions you choose. Everything in the universe is energy and energy is everything. If you don’t love yourself you put out a message in your energy that you do not think you are good enough to do what you want to do. If you have doubts about your abilities you put that out in your energy. You need to start thinking only positive thoughts so that your energy turns into positive projections.

Getting in contact with your guides will provide you some suggestions, but the guides are not allowed to make decisions for you; they can only advise. You are too occupied with thinking about what you do not have instead of starting to manifest what you want. Anytime you think you cannot get your girlfriend to love you, you are broadcasting that you cannot. See yourself, exactly as you are now, in a firm relationship with her. This is loving and having faith in yourself.

There may be certain personal characteristics you currently have that you would like to change. Do not “hate” them, because that means you hate yourself and cannot possibly love yourself. Love everything about yourself, and then love changing those things that are not just right for you into things that are perfect for you. Take total responsibility for what is happening in your life.

Take baby steps to change the world you have now for a positive loving one. Banish any negativity as soon as it pops up. Replace those thoughts with positive ones and your world will change swiftly as you modify your attitude toward it.

Compelled to return

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I´ve been living in an on/off-relationship. What is this power bringing me back to this man? I am so happy living by myself, and after a few months living with him I feel that I have to go away. I´ve learned a lot of things with him, mostly with tears. We are as different as can be. He is a workaholic entrepreneur. I feel and hope that my lessons with him are over but still afraid to leave him if this on/off is going to continue. What is this attraction–only something with egos and lessons, or  something more like soul mates? ~Heidi, Finland

ANSWER: You have total freedom of choice. You are compelling yourself to return time and time again to this relationship because you know what will happen within it. Knowing that takes all the fear out of starting a new relationship. As long as you feel that there is a connection between the two of you, you will be unable to stop this cycle. Working together further complicates your situation.

It is not wrong to continue on with this “on-again-off-again” routine if you choose. It is time to ask yourself: what are you looking for? Are you looking for an abusive relationship where your partner is in total control and does not share anything with you? Or are you ready to find someone who can share your life and the decision making with you?

You were correct to assume that the past has been an indication of lessons that you chose prior to incarnating here. One of your life lessons is to have faith in yourself and your decisions. You need to realize that you are as important as he, and you are right to have a say in day-to-day operations. He has a way of convincing you that you need him, and your lesson is to see if you really do need him or if the decision to leave him is the completion of that lesson.

There are no invisible ropes binding you to him, as some people feel souls have between them. He is definitely on a mission to learn all about ego and control. You have assisted him and you can now decide to let him go his own way or continue to be of assistance at the risk of not completing your own lesson.

Urantia Book

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, there is a book called the Urantia Book that no one is clear on when and where and how it appeared. It outlines the life of Jesus on Earth. But it is not a Christian document. Its foundation is in Chicago. Can you tell me anything about the history of Urantia? ~Geri, USA

ANSWER: The word “Urantia” is used by the writers of a collection of papers, which have been collected into the Urantia Book, Urantia being their word for your planet Earth. While the papers were written by beings on Earth, they are about their understanding of Earth deities, the composition of non-Earth beings and their hierarchies and the origin, and the cause and activities of recognized Earth deities’ sojourn in human form.

In addition to the section you mention concerning the life of Jesus on Earth, the book also chronicles the master spirits and all the “super-universe” beings that comprise all existence—in the opinion of the writers of these papers. Historical research from biblical writings and early documentation is interwoven into the fabric of this book.

The Urantia Organization even admits that the writings are a “retelling” of this information, based upon Urantia (Earth) recordings. In other words, they did a book report from all available materials. The writers say their purpose for this book is to assist humans with their understanding of terms such as God, deity, divinity—things normally within the purview of religious organizations.

As with all materials on your planet, and coming from other sources, we encourage you to read all with an open mind and heart. Do not accept anything as truth until you take it into your heart and see how it feels to you. Does the material resonate within you? If it does, then accept it as your reality until something that resonates more strongly comes into your awareness.