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What are my life lessons?

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Dear fellow souls, we are frequently hearing the question “How are we supposed to know what life lessons we are here to learn?” We hear it from both young and old, all nationalities, all practicing religious beliefs, and just about everyone in human form. Well, fasten your seat belts because we have the answer!

Whatever comes your way is what you need to experience.

What you need to experience is what you planned to learn before you came down to Earth (what most call their “life lessons”). You selected all the categories of lessons you wanted to have, once you were in body form, and so you set up the sequences of events that would precipitate them. When you arrived you had amnesia so that you could face the lesson without previous knowledge and, in working through the lesson and understanding it, grow in wisdom, which was your ultimate goal.

The reason this question appears so frequently is that humans need reassurance that they are right. The soul doesn’t judge things as right or wrong. The soul just wishes to experience things so that it may gain wisdom through evaluating whether the action is something it wishes to repeat, or whether it has learned enough to move on.

Your human need for constant validation gives your power to “those who know” so that you can be sure you are “right.” What hogwash! Honor yourself! Take responsibility for your life, and work through what is in front of you so that you can move forward. Go inside and follow those feelings that tell you the direction you intended to take.

In love, light, and laughter,

The Masters of the Sprit World