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Partners and co-creation

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Q. Masters, you have discussed in the past that we are responsible for creating our own realities, or as some say, manifesting our destinies. Can you comment on the joint creation between two life partners? My partner and I definitely are in tune with each other and co-create our world, but I favor change and my partner hates it. He does accept what I propose, but what actual creation energy is at play here?

A. Each soul is totally responsible for their actions and what they call to itself – what you call “creating”. When two people work together to create the same scenario they are both responsible for the output of the energy they invest. Therefore the result is a shared venture.

Your partner is allowing you to direct the desired result for both of you, giving power up to you in the sense that you alone decide what changes to experience. At this time, you and you alone create this new environment. Your partner then joins you in enjoying your creation, and in enjoying it, he also accepts it as his own. This is a perfect example of a codependency in one of the aspects of coupling with another. In this situation you both still maintain your own identity for all other facets of your life.

Your partner is very happy to sit back and let you do the work. He somewhat fears change and chooses to make it only after he has seen that someone else has been successful in directing it to him. Your partner does not have any confidence in his ability to make the “right” decision for the future. This dependency on you is neither right nor wrong – it is the path he wishes to experience at this time. It looks as if that is going to change in the future.