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Non-human beings

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Q. Masters, I’ve recently read in your book Talking to Leaders of the Past—in the interview with Albert Einstein—that there are other beings on other planets in our solar system. Einstein mentions that the life is not identical to human life in form or function. He also mentions that “it is out of phase with interpretation through [our] eyes.” Could you give us a little more information? What do these life forms look like? Are they comparable to humans in terms of intelligence and self-awareness? Do they have a comparable ecosystem? Our scientists state that in order to sustain intelligent life the planet must have the same characteristics as planet Earth. Is this a wrong assumption?

A. Contrary to what a majority of the inhabitants of planet Earth believe, you are not alone in your solar system. It is very presumptuous of human beings to think that they are the ultimate in intelligence, self-awareness, and adaptability. Your scientists believe that your evolutionary process is the only pattern for a species to undertake. They further believe that no other circumstances can sustain an existence as great and grand as theirs.

Let us take a look at your essence. It is a non-physical energy being which can be connected to everything at once. Your core, the soul, is a piece of the Source, and therefore it is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnificent (unlimited in creative power). It may choose to have its consciousness in one place at a time or in more than one place. Understanding the frailty of the human shell as a container, with all the things that can affect and afflict it, would it be your optimal choice for experiencing, say, a worry-free vacation?

The human body is perfect in all its imperfections for the life lessons you come to experience within a duality-based planet. Planet Earth is currently the only place set up for the soul to immerse itself in polar opposites, for the purpose of knowing the greatness of unconditional love, and through that experience, the magnificence of Source.

Other places for interacting with souls on a non-totally energetic basis do not require a body that will allow you to feel sadness, anger, fear, betrayal, or any other duality lesson. So if your soul wants to study communication through various types of vocalization, all it needs is some type of vibratory flap that it can control to experiment with variations. Or if your soul wants to engage in historical remembrances and debates concerning cosmology, all it needs is the ability to share ideas with another soul—no body, no mouth, just thoughts!

When Einstein mentioned that these other beings are out of phase with interpretation through our eyes, he meant that you cannot identify an energetic being that doesn’t have a form you recognize. An example would be that sometimes other beings watch planet Earth, out of curiosity, camouflaged as a cloud. Would you see them as anything other than a cloud?  

Just as you cannot compare an apple to an orange, you cannot compare a human to those of other compositions.