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Feeling energy healing

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Q. Masters, I am overcoming a number of physical challenges. I am currently being assisted by several energy healers but, until recently, have not been able to “feel” anything. During a recent session I was able, for the first time, to know exactly what was happening to my body as the healer did his work. Since that experience I can now feel several of the other people who are helping me. Does this mean that I am on the road to recovery? Why was I not able to feel anything in the past? Why can I still not feel some people?

A. Congratulations on continuing to be a part of clearing life lesson blockages from your body. Physical challenges are your way of dealing with issues in your current life and completing some lessons held over from earlier lives.

There were a number of reasons that you were unable to sense energy working in the past. You had some problem with believing that the proffered help was going to have an impact. Even when you knew that the energy could assist you, doubts crept in as to the value and extent that it would work. You needed validation that something unseen could have a dynamic effect.

A lot of things have been happening for you lately. You have released a lot of doubts and residual guilt. The healer who “blasted” you with energy, an extremely gifted conduit of energy, sensed exactly where it needed to be applied and was able to open previously closed routes.

You will remain on the road to recovery if you maintain your current belief systems regarding energy healing. In such a case, you will also be able to continue to feel the other healings because your pump has been primed and is running smoothly. The people you have difficulty detecting are ones whose connection to the flow of energy is not as strong or as clear.