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Emergence of repressed emotions

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Q. Masters, for the longest time I have been successful in letting go of ego and judgment and enjoying a blissful daily life, always content and happy and taking everything as a life lesson that I wished to experience in this existence. All of a sudden, the most insignificant of occurrences seems to set me into a depression or a crying jag. I get this overwhelming feeling that the whole world is against me and that I can’t do anything right. What is happening to me?

A. All souls have many layers of feelings and the sensation of many different dimensions within which they co-exist. When you are without judgment and ego, you are living outside the plurality of the Earth experience and are in touch with unconditional love where all is “heavenly.”

As you get more comfortable in being free of those duality lessons, which all souls come to Earth to experience, you open yourself to deeper levels of suppressed emotions and lessons from both your current and past lifetimes. As these deeper layers of human emotions emerge you react to them as you did to the surface emotions which you worked through and learned from.

What you need to do with these recently dug-up feelings is to go into the thought process that accompanies them and see why you have returned to negative feelings. You are re- experiencing incidences of worthlessness and guilt – very common Earth lessons.

You have worked through these many times before and will easily do so this time. You simply have to confront the feelings that come along with the emotions, take back your power to decide what effect they are going to have upon you, and reclaim your own identity.

These experiences can only be had in a world of judgment where some things are good and others are bad. Either see them as just an challenges that you wish to have again (so you can keep them around), or learn why you never want to go through them again (so you can send them packing).