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Looking for the truth

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I am very unhappy trying to live with my husband. He travels constantly and really even lives in a different country to me. I want to have a life together with him but I can’t seem to find the truth of what is happening. We now appear to not have much money as he has lost his position. Could you please tell me what is happening and what to do? I am lonely and stuck in all ways, emotionally, physically, and financially. ~Jan, Malaysia

ANSWER: Your husband is that in name only. He has carved out his own life in his own way. He has never confided much in you and just let you take care of the “house.” You have to ask yourself what you think your marriage represents. It certainly does not represent a couple sharing all their daily problems and triumphs. When was the last time you spent any time together discussing your joint life? This is an indication of the shell your marriage has become.

It is now freedom-of-choice time. You must decide if this is a sufficient existence for you or if you need to move on. It is very difficult for you to get a straight answer out of your husband about your current state of affairs. He has not been open with you in a very long time. If you wish to remain in this pattern, then do nothing. If you think there is a possibility of saving this marriage, push him into talking to you. If you think everything has become hopeless, then it is time to move on with your own life separately.

Fear is a powerful adversary. You perceive anything other than the present situation as more scary than what you can see and understand. But that is not necessarily correct. Because you have never had to manage on your own for any length of time you think you cannot do it. You have all the capabilities to manage your life on your own—if you choose to do it.

You are a beautiful, magnificent person with all the background needed to take care of yourself. You have a good support group that will assist. Whether your choice is to go it alone, or to confront your husband to find out what is actually happening in his world, the sooner you do it the faster you will be on the road to moving out of “stuckville” and into the exciting future.


Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, more than a year ago I was paid off from full-time work and could not find another job. I spoke with spirit who told me I would find myself in a position that would give me confidence and prosperity. At the same time that I was applying for jobs I also applied to study full-time at university because it felt right. I was accepted for university, and immediately began to look for part-time work to pay the bills. I still cannot find regular work to sustain me while I study, and lie awake at nights worrying. I am tired at lectures next day and have difficulty in remaining alert enough to take in the teachings. I am having serious doubts whether I should remain at university and feel it may be best if I leave and try to find a full-time job. Please can you advise me? ~Olive, UK

ANSWER: We see a hamster on an exercise wheel working her heart out and getting nowhere because the wheel just keeps going around in circles. You are so fixated on thinking about negative things that you have not put positive energy intentions out into the world to get a return.

You are residing in negativity, and negativity just brings in more negativity. You have gotten to the stage where you feel nothing is going to go right—so let’s run away. You have given up. That’s fine if you really want to start all over again. You don’t have to; if you really want to stay in university, then make it happen, but only if it still feels right to you.

You would have no trouble sleeping at night if you took all the energy expended on worrying about things and instead spent it sending positive intentional affirmations out into the universe. Worrying is a useless expenditure of energy. You cannot redo the past and can only influence the future to the extent that you project your intentions. With all the worrying you have been doing, you have told the universe, “Look, I don’t think my life is working because I can’t find a job.” So guess what? Your world mirrors the thoughts you have been sending out.

Change the thoughts into you working, maybe though contacts at the university employment office, sleeping restfully, and moving ahead with a fulfilling life.

Finding the courage to connect

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Question: Masters, I am on my spiritual journey for the last 15 years with a great many challenges and learning accumulated over this period of time. Of late I was able to communicate with Masters through my past-life regression method. I have recently received a message to prepare myself for auto-writing. However I still lack the courage and confidence in my abilities to undertake the task. Please help me and protect me while I am in the process of accomplishing this task and please let me understand if I am faltering in my life mission in any manner. ~Ravi, India

ANSWER: Excuse us—did you just say you have the courage to enter your past lives and talk to us but are afraid of getting guidance from your own higher self and these same masters but through auto-writing? What have you been thinking auto-writing is? That some being comes in and takes over your hand and scribbles its gibberish onto a piece of paper? Well, that could happen if you allowed it.

Most auto-writing, and particularly the type you have been told is in your future, will start gently with basic messages. To allay your fears, before beginning any session, proclaim to the universe that you wish to communicate only with beings of the light and only for the highest and greatest good of the recipients of the messages received.

Your sessions can be as easy as a talk with your guides—but in written rather than oral form. Have a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, or sit in front of a computer if that feels better, clear your mind and ask a question. Wait until your hand or fingers start formulating a response. It is very important that you get your thinking mind out of the way so it does not interfere. This may not work in the beginning. You must have patience.

All of human life is regulated by the soul’s freedom of choice. For that reason you are always at the position along your life’s mission that you need to be when you are there.