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Mental illness and the soul

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I felt that I had met my twin flame. We had such a strong connection that I had often had visions of us being a complete green swirling circle. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years after we were married. Because of our intense love we had agreed we would want the other person to move on with their life if anything happened to one of us. This conversation was the only thing that allowed me to continue my life. Was he my twin flame? If someone is mentally ill, is their soul trapped in their body until the body dies? Is his soul here in my life still somehow, through my children maybe?  ~Sharon, USA

ANSWER: Your husband was not your twin flame but he is a member of your soul group—the small group with which you frequently incarnate so it might help you with your life lessons. You have spent many lifetimes with this soul, and your energy, when not interfered with, is very much in synchronization.

Your discussion on moving on from your marriage in the event of a problem was done so that you might be able to see the lesson involved from a different perspective. Your husband wanted to experience mental confusion to see if he could find a way to stabilize himself. He has not been able to do so. You wanted to deal with issues of guilt and responsibility and are doing well with them.

His soul is still contained within that body as much as anyone else’s is present. Souls within human bodies have the ability to move their consciousness in and out, to visit other places to accomplish needed tasks, and to just sustain a minimal contact with the original body to keep it alive. A soul is never “trapped” since it has freedom of choice to do and go where it chooses.

All souls have an energetic contact with all other souls. The ability to feel this contact requires the acceptance and belief that it is so. You will never lose all the time you have spent with his soul each time you have been together. Your memories, even of the short time in this life, will remain alive if you choose.

Are there reptilians amongst us?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I have been reading lately about the possibility of ‘reptilian’ influences on Earth. For example, that they may be involved in manipulating people via our governments, or that they feed off our fears and negative energies. Please could you offer some clarity on this subject? ~Wendy, UK

ANSWER: Some urban myths about reptilian species have been propagating with increasing frequency. Ever since the introduction of the television series “V” some years ago, and its reemergence this year, reports of reptiles hidden in human coverings have flourished.

Is there a conspiracy of reptilian beings infiltrating the governments of the world? No. Are they controlling the ruling bodies from an evil cabal? No. Are there any species in the Universe that would appear reptilian to humans? Yes. Do they have colonies on Earth? No. Do they occasionally visit Earth out of curiosity? Yes. Are there souls currently in human form on Earth who have lived on reptile planets and had that form? Yes. Do they sometimes have past-life memories from their reptilian lives? Yes. Has fact and fantasy merged in a lot of people’s minds? Yes.

All the energies that contribute to negative feelings within you originate from fear. Left unchecked, negativity will grow, gathering other negative thought and feelings. When people do not understand something, their default is normally to fear it. They then generate negative feelings about the subject and that negative fear draws in more negative energy.

Most negativity thrives in some hypothetical future instead of the present. What should you do? Live in the moment, being observant of all around you. Choose to allow only positive thoughts to inhabit your world, and all of this will cease to concern you.

Was that an out-of-body trip?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, every now and then I get what seems to be an out-of-body (OBE) experience. When it happens, I can direct myself to roll out of the bed and find myself floating. Most of the time the surroundings are dark. Sometimes when I am able to “see” the surroundings, I seem to be in my living room. It is very dark, like at night. But when I wake up in a short while I find that it’s already afternoon or late morning. Was I in physical time-space during my short journeys or in a dreamscape generated by my mind?  ~Y.W., Singapore

ANSWER: There are a number of things happening here. You have had out-of-body travels, but you are only remembering part of the experience because most of them are starting during a dream cycle. What you remember seems to be a short journey, yet the passage of time has been sufficient to enter the late morning or early afternoon.

The darkness is an indication of the fact that these travels are beginning during the nighttime hours. When an OBE begins within sleep, it is more difficult to direct yourself because your unconscious is in control at that time. To experience control over these trips, you need to begin within a meditation, just as you awaken or just as you start to fall asleep.

As to physical time/space, your body always remained in the time/space in which it began. The consciousness which allowed you to see other locations was partially within the physical, permitting your ability to see physical things, but not always in the same time in which you began the journey. This was the reason you became consciously aware again so far in the future.

Part of the time you were just experiencing dreams generated by your imagination, past experiences, and remembrance of things in which you always wished to be involved. The human mind carries on tasks from the day which can incorporate items you have read, programs or movies you have seen, or incidents in which you have taken part.

If you wish to experience OBEs, start with a quiet entry where you ease your awareness out of the constraints of your body into the space above. From there, allow your intention to direct your viewing to an area for observation. Don’t force the process or try to push the speed with which you separate from the physical. Not everyone can project themselves out of their body. But, practice does make perfect.