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Unwelcome occupants

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I am a spa owner and all employees but me see strange things going on in the spa. They see some creature in white, sometimes in black, and the opening and closing of doors when nobody is present. I don’t know what to do. Please give me some advice. I am desperate.  ~Jadranka, USA

ANSWER: Your shop has some negative energies that are hanging around the discarnate soul who is calling your place “home.” This soul, a lady, is not ready to move on yet. She is very sensitive and feels that you would not understand her, so she has not made any effort to be seen by you; in other words, you scare her. Strange, you say, that a ghost can be scared by a human? Not so; when the departed do not know or accept they are deceased, they will stay away from strong energies out of fear.

When people die and their souls do not go back to the unconditional love that we call Home, holding themselves here causes negative energy. Negativity attracts additional negativity. In your spa, your clients bring in a lot of negative energy that is causing them problems they seek to have you remove. That energy is then staying around instead of dissipating.

The first step is to chase away the negative energy. This can be done with candles, incense, or sage. Negative energy flees from the flames and the smell. Also have your practitioners consciously shake off the energies they receive from their clients so they do not spread it around. If they are feeling “heavy,” suggest they take a salt bath or shower to remove the residue.

Second is to get your occupant to move on. She died in the vicinity of your spa many years ago. It occurred during a storm when her house was struck by lightning and burned down. Her child was trapped inside with her and died as well. The child moved on, but she is still looking for her.

If you (or someone you know) can speak to the deceased, talk to the lady and convince her she is dead. You may call for her daughter to come from the other side to prove that she is all right, then she can accompany her mother Home. Once she has gone into the light there will be no more doors slamming or visions of her wandering. She does not mean to harm or frighten anyone.

Making it happen for you

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I met someone with many common interests and complementary strengths and weaknesses. I’ve only known her for a month, but it’s like we’ve known each other for lifetimes.  It would feel perfect if we could sync our schedules. Is she my soul mate? If so, how do I “keep the ball rolling” as she works 60+ hours a week and takes classes? Sometimes there’s no time to even carry a text message conversation. How can I judge if she feels the same about me in times when communication is near impossible? If she is who I think she is, how do I get over my own fears/worries/doubts/frustrations in times of sporadic communication? To clarify, I understand there’s a lot happening. I’m not trying to capitalize her time. I like to hear she’s OK and not burned out, and if she’s my soul mate, I don’t intend to miss out.  ~Pat, USA

ANSWER: This young, ambitious lady is not a soul mate. She is just the first female you have become acquainted with who would be a perfect match for you. There are many more out there; she is not the only one. That is not to say that, all things being considered, it would never work out for the two of you.

So far everything has been mostly one-sided. Her only concerns right now are her career and moving ahead in life. She feels that she is not ready to become involved in a relationship because she does not have the time. She has not thought of you in the way you have thought of her because she knows it is an impossibility right now. She has trouble getting everything done that is required of her, and anything additional would derail her journey.

You have placed an incredible burden upon yourself by thinking she is your soul mate and you might have this one and only opportunity for love. Relax! Unconditional love, which comes from a soul mate, does not have elements of fear, frustrations, doubts, and worries. It flows and fills the time where both of you accommodate the relationship.

You now have an example of the type of person you need. Put your intention out to bring such a person to you who is ready to share in a partnership. And when it comes to seeing if she feels the same way about you that you do about her, ask.

Messages from the universe

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, when I am meditating or in deep thought I seem to get sentences which sound like ‘messages.’ A few weeks back while praying, something flashed in my mind, “Light the lives of others with the light of your life.” Is there a way to know if these are indeed messages from masters or just figments of my imagination? Also, is there a way to know which master might be contacting me? ~Ravdeep, India

ANSWER: You are receiving messages from several different sources. The first and most prominent voice is that of your unconscious mind, also known as your higher self or soul. Secondly you have gotten thoughts from your personal guides who are there to assist in your journey. They may not give advice unsolicited, but any type of encouragement brings on their words. Since you say you were praying, asking for assistance, this gave them permission to speak.

Congratulations on reaching the point in meditation where you have shut off your consciousness so it does not interfere with non-physical voices. This is always the initial step to a spiritual dialogue. Communication varies from imagination in that, with imagination, you start a discussion of the various ways to perform a task or what a statement means. Communication from outside comes in very clearly, distinctly, and unequivocally.

Since there are several guides/masters with whom you are working, you will have to ask for the authorship of the comments as they arrive.