QUESTION: Masters, more than a year ago I was paid off from full-time work and could not find another job. I spoke with spirit who told me I would find myself in a position that would give me confidence and prosperity. At the same time that I was applying for jobs I also applied to study full-time at university because it felt right. I was accepted for university, and immediately began to look for part-time work to pay the bills. I still cannot find regular work to sustain me while I study, and lie awake at nights worrying. I am tired at lectures next day and have difficulty in remaining alert enough to take in the teachings. I am having serious doubts whether I should remain at university and feel it may be best if I leave and try to find a full-time job. Please can you advise me? ~Olive, UK

ANSWER: We see a hamster on an exercise wheel working her heart out and getting nowhere because the wheel just keeps going around in circles. You are so fixated on thinking about negative things that you have not put positive energy intentions out into the world to get a return.

You are residing in negativity, and negativity just brings in more negativity. You have gotten to the stage where you feel nothing is going to go right—so let’s run away. You have given up. That’s fine if you really want to start all over again. You don’t have to; if you really want to stay in university, then make it happen, but only if it still feels right to you.

You would have no trouble sleeping at night if you took all the energy expended on worrying about things and instead spent it sending positive intentional affirmations out into the universe. Worrying is a useless expenditure of energy. You cannot redo the past and can only influence the future to the extent that you project your intentions. With all the worrying you have been doing, you have told the universe, “Look, I don’t think my life is working because I can’t find a job.” So guess what? Your world mirrors the thoughts you have been sending out.

Change the thoughts into you working, maybe though contacts at the university employment office, sleeping restfully, and moving ahead with a fulfilling life.