Finding the courage to connect

Question: Masters, I am on my spiritual journey for the last 15 years with a great many challenges and learning accumulated over this period of time. Of late I was able to communicate with Masters through my past-life regression method. I have recently received a message to prepare myself for auto-writing. However I still lack the courage and confidence in my abilities to undertake the task. Please help me and protect me while I am in the process of accomplishing this task and please let me understand if I am faltering in my life mission in any manner. ~Ravi, India

ANSWER: Excuse us—did you just say you have the courage to enter your past lives and talk to us but are afraid of getting guidance from your own higher self and these same masters but through auto-writing? What have you been thinking auto-writing is? That some being comes in and takes over your hand and scribbles its gibberish onto a piece of paper? Well, that could happen if you allowed it.

Most auto-writing, and particularly the type you have been told is in your future, will start gently with basic messages. To allay your fears, before beginning any session, proclaim to the universe that you wish to communicate only with beings of the light and only for the highest and greatest good of the recipients of the messages received.

Your sessions can be as easy as a talk with your guides—but in written rather than oral form. Have a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, or sit in front of a computer if that feels better, clear your mind and ask a question. Wait until your hand or fingers start formulating a response. It is very important that you get your thinking mind out of the way so it does not interfere. This may not work in the beginning. You must have patience.

All of human life is regulated by the soul’s freedom of choice. For that reason you are always at the position along your life’s mission that you need to be when you are there.