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A lack of self-confidence

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am 61. There is a distressing pattern which keeps occurring in my life, despite all my efforts to put an end to it. It started when I was very young. I was always blamed by my parents for things I never did, or did with the right intention. I felt stifled and weak and helpless by their controlling and critical attitude towards me. Unfortunately this pattern has continued throughout my life with authorities and people in power and, again, I am never heard. It feels like a dream where I am shouting and calling and nobody hears. Please tell me what my life lessons are and how to break this painful pattern. ~Mona, UK

ANSWER: Your primary life lesson is discovering your own power and thereby controlling how you feel about your life. When you were a child, your parents told you what you should believe in and what was expected of you by them and society. You didn’t think it was fair but you nonetheless accepted these rules as your belief system. You have maintained these thoughts and have done nothing to exercise your freedom of choice in how your life will be run.

As a piece of Source—just the same as everyone else—you have the ability to create your own reality. You have the same power as others. You have the same ability to choose not to accept the opinions of others. You feel you are never heard because you don’t think you deserve to be heard. Because of your upbringing, you accept that people in authority have control over you, as you were instructed. They will continue to exert this control as long as you allow it. You are totally unaware that your allowing others to control you is coming from within yourself.

To change the way you react to other people—in other words, not allowing them to control you—you have to start standing up to them and take back your power. At the first instance of discomfort, stop and ask yourself what feelings you are getting from the situation. This will tell you what hidden belief system you are still allowing to dictate your behavior. Decide right then and there that you do not have to follow the old pattern. Then create what you want to happen. You have to believe in yourself.

Stuck in an imaginary world

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am “stuck” feeling like I am in an imaginary potential relationship with a guy that is in another relationship. I feel bad for liking him. I learned a few lessons through this experience but still can’t seem to get him out of my mind. He is also a type of boss to me, which is holding me back from pursuing a dream job. I would like to stop feeling confused and self-conscious when he is around. What can I do to stop attracting him into my life, get closure and go ahead with this job? ~Lisa, Israel

ANSWER: You are firmly stuck in a play for which you have written the script. You have the ability to modify your part in any way you want. Right now you have put yourself in a very safe position. You are head-over-heels, desiring a man whom you cannot possibly have at this time. Therefore there is no chance that you can be rejected or get hurt in this relationship. What makes it difficult is your proximity to this man. In most situations of this kind, a woman would pick out a famous person she doesn’t have to deal with on a daily basis.

You do not trust that you deserve someone who has the same qualities as this man, so it is safe to desire one who is already committed to another person. Why do you feel bad? It is your dream, your illusion. You can feel bad only if you accept that you are harming someone. But who is that? The only one feeling uncomfortable here is you. You have made it impossible to find happiness.

Your confusion in his presence is thinking that he might be aware of your infatuation with him. You are attracting him because you put out an energy that you want to be with him. It is not spoken, but can easily be felt between two people. To stop attracting his attention you need to stop thinking that you want him. This will change your self-consciousness when he is around.

Until you rewrite your part to search for another man, you will be stuck in this loop of confusion and heartache. Start with a description of your ideal mate, then your ideal job; you may find that changing your own job is the answer to your problems. You deserve a man who will love you for who you are, and who will want to share his life with you.

Why experience life?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, if we have unconditional love at Home, why do we need to experience anything else? I’m pretty sure my major life lesson is to feel a lack of love throughout my lifetime, even though I am not a bad personactually I am a pretty good one. If when I get Home I will rejoice in the unconditional love again, why do I need to experience this [lack of love]? Also, no matter what I do, how I try to meditate, pray, etc., I cannot ever get in touch with a soul guide or any entity to help me out in this lifetime. How exactly do I attain and know that I have attained a soul balance, so that I can heal myself? ~JH, USA

ANSWER: As you have learned in this trip to Earth, there is a big difference between a state of love and a state of lacking love. If you never lacked love, how would you know how great being in unconditional love actually was? Many souls spend a lifetime learning all about the different kinds of love and the physical emotions that accompany human love. It is a search for knowledge and wisdom. You will laugh at this question when you are at Home.

You have a tendency to be impatient both with yourself and with others. You think that following what has worked for some, when contacting the non-physical souls out there, should work for you in exactly the same fashion with your first or second try. First, you are thinking too much. Even when you are trying to meditate, your mind is always deciding what should be happening and wondering why it isn’t. That makes it impossible for you to hear that quiet little voice from beyond.

Also, thinking that the souls out there will come and help you out is a bit presumptuous. Guides may never tell you what to do; they may only give a little guidance as to the possibilities. They would not be able to tell you if your soul is in balance, because that is a concept that doesn’t compute while in a human body.

Healing has only to do with using your intention to bring balance to your physical nature. Accepting that you have the power to establish healing is all that is needed, unless you have chosen a state of ill health as a life lesson, and you have not yet learned the underlying lesson.