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What is music?

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

QUESTION: For Maria Callas: Is music interconnected to Home (Heaven) and the God Spirit Force? How? Also, is it a spiritual language? Does the dissonant rap music of today have a negative influence on humanity? Your influence on Earth is meant to…? ~Renee-Michele, US

ANSWER: We don’t take requests for specific souls, so a group of us are answering your question for you. In the non-physical state, souls have neither vocal cords nor ears. We communicate primarily telepathically. When we seek to be “heard” by a large group of souls we broadcast our message, so to speak, in vibrational waves—what you perceive as music.

You can see how this is possible if you close your eyes and feel the vibrations transmitted all around you musically. You should be able to feel the vibrations entering your body, your mind, possibly even your soul. Some of these appear to be beautiful resonant combinations and others are discordant, like fingernails on a chalk board.

The first attempt to find a way for humans to communicate with each other was made through musical vibrations, since we had experience with that medium. The subtleties were too difficult for most humans to understand, since they were preoccupied with life lessons; hence, the easier verbal forms were devised. Depending on your background, some of these are not too pleasant to your ear.

During numerous incarnations souls have continued to use music as a means of conveying their messages and thoughts—with varying degrees of success. Your rappers are not really about the music but the lyrics. Their idea is that the music will cause people to be drawn to their statements. The effect that this noise has upon humans depends on whether they listen or not. It can be tuned out, just as something you do not want to hear from a critic may be disregarded.

Our influence is not a dynamic thing; it does not cause things to happen. Rather, we are advisers and counselors giving you an idea of the choices that are available for your selection.

Why people come into your life

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, in March a young man was replacing computers in my workplace. From the moment he came into my office there was a strong attraction between us. I got to talking about guardian angels, life challenges, etc., and we talked for a long time. The energy between us was so intense that it totally surprised me. The temperature within the room soared. After that day I could not stop thinking about him. I was not sure if the attraction was physical (he is much younger than me) or if I had met someone from my soul group with whom I had had a past romantic life experience. He appeared to feel the intense energy between us also. Once his job was complete within our building, he left, having taken my work number in case he had any questions about the angel and other books I had recommended he read. I have not heard from him since. Who is he and what was the purpose of our meeting? ~Jacqueline, Northern Ireland

ANSWER: This person was a soul mate from your group. He came into your life at the time he did in order to give you a more positive feeling about the belief system you are working on and have developed for yourself. We like to say that until people “claim” exactly what their beliefs are, they are not certain where they are going.

Souls start out with a belief system that outlines what their family, teachers, and society want them to use in their lives. They go along totally unaware that these rules and regulations are affecting every aspect of living. Then, one day, they realize they have the freedom to choose what they believe. The new pattern is brought together by things they read, hear, and discover. They first start to change their behavior without realizing they are doing so. It is not until they examine their beliefs, usually by telling another about them (which we call “claiming”) that these thoughts truly become a part of them.

If you are never placed into a position to speak about what you believe, it does not become firm and you will never feel a direction. When your soul knows you may need someone to urge you into the open discussion of your adopted beliefs, it arranges to have a soul mate appear to get you talking.

The energy you felt around you was your guides and other non-physical friends coming for the big “reveal.”

Scared of living alone

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my husband and I are married for almost 25 years. We have had many ups and downs and two times we got almost divorced. But when we were at that point I was so scared of living without him I that I went back. However I find it very difficult to be in contact with him and I feel often very lonely in our marriage. Can you please advise me? We did two years of therapy together. ~Inge, Holland

ANSWER: Often souls come into human form to see how long it will take them to accept their own powers. All souls are broken off from Source energy and have the same fantastic properties, but some don’t want to accept that fact. They will generally start out with a life where they have been taken care of by others and have not had to assume responsibility for their own actions.

In the beginning they believe this is just how their life is supposed to be and that there is nothing they can do about it. If you don’t think you have choices, then you don’t have any. You must be able to see what else you can be doing and that you can take care of yourself, or you will be convinced that you can’t.

You had feelings for your husband at one time but you have both changed and now have very little in common. He is happy having you take care of the house while he provides the finances. The therapy didn’t help very much because it did not address the real problem, and that is how you feel about yourself and your need to be taken care of.

Your degree of self-confidence is the answer to all your problems. The fear is that you will fail in any effort to live without your husband. If you truly feel that you will never be able to separate from him, just get used to the fact that you will continue to have a lonely, loveless existence. If you accept that you have the same abilities of every other soul, then start creating the life you desire.

Take some courses where you have to depend on yourself for their completion. Volunteer at a day-care, museums, or senior centers, where others will be dependent on you. Try on responsibility and see how it feels.