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Many reasons for physical life

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, you often teach that we are here to discover who we really are and to love ourselves. Ultimately is this our only purpose and our full attention can be placed on being love and light and the embodiment of our soul, or do our pre-planned contracts and life lessons of perhaps bringing an invention into the world, teaching others, creating a community, or perhaps bringing up a family need to be completed first? ~Hazel, UK

ANSWER: When we give the above purpose we are summarizing the ultimate reason for incarnating. It is by discovering your essence and feeling the unconditional love that is your nature that you are able to complete everything else you wish to experience in a lifetime. You may work hard raising a family, but if you are unable to see a lesson you built into that task—such as dealing with co-dependency, or realizing you could leave an abusive relationship, or even accepting help when things become overwhelming—you are not working on the purpose for that particular life.

Things pop up in a lifetime because you made arrangements for them to be there. They are the situations that present lessons to you. You mentioned a series of things that deal with an individual helping society, but normally the person has to deal with basic life lessons before going into a “service” mode. Service is something some souls have in the back of their mind to engage in after completing their chosen lessons. If your unlearned lesson involved resolving trouble with your own sense of self-worth or a lack of confidence in yourself, you will have difficulty in helping others.

A soul may have chosen to be very involved with others from the beginning of its life, if the person has chosen to work on understanding ego or understanding why people help others. Teaching and creating a community can be lessons in control or discovering one’s own power or creative ability. A soul may also be having a relaxing life where lessons are not the primary reason for being here. Bottom line though: incarnation is for the soul to learn something about itself. Being totally altruistic tells you only what you can do for others, not what you can learn about yourself. It could also indicate that you are doing things to feel good about yourself because you don’t have enough love for yourself.

Fear of friends

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I have always had an irrational fear of being seen or spoken to by people I know (especially friendly ones!). I am okay with strangers. This is very strange and annoying, and has been one of the hardest issues to resolve in this life. Can you give me any clues as to the cause of this fear, and how I can possibly release it? ~Angela, Australia

ANSWER: In this life and past ones you have been taken advantage of and betrayed by those who seem to be your friends and family. This has left a fear deep inside you that someone you know, particularly someone who seems to be trying to get close to you with friendship, is just doing this so they can get the better of you. When you meet someone you don’t know, it does not trigger this hidden fear because you never expect to see the person again.

You are by nature very open, which sets you up to be used by others. What starts out as a simple request to help a “friend” turns into a big expedition and a drain on your time and resources. You find it almost impossible to say no to people, and you know strangers aren’t going to ask you to do favors for them, so they are no threat to daily life.

It is time to remember that all souls are alike. No one owes anything to anyone else. You are only responsible for yourself. Take back your power to exercise your freedom of choice. Do not do anything that you don’t want to do or that doesn’t feel right to you. Regardless of who asks you to do something, say no unless you really feel you want to do it.

You will find it no problem to be near friendly people you know if you understand you are the same as they. You will be able to joke with them and nicely sidestep any requests for your time. It will be a slow process, but knowing the cause of your fear, you can easily deal with it. You will also discover that not everyone is out to take advantage of you.

Physical and non-physical Earth energy

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, what is the significance of Bali? I’ve heard that it lies on crossing of two “lines.” Are these earth plates? I’ve experienced a lot of fear there and what felt like rumbling beneath the ground. A young man fell into the volcano and died. I felt my life was in serious danger. Since then my fears and negativity intensified and I felt weaker. What is really happening? ~D., Norway

ANSWER: There are dozens of different kinds of lines that exist on Earth. The tectonic plates are not generally referred to as lines because they meet, lie over, or pass under each other, but don’t cross. The “lines” are measurable magnetic, electronic, or wave vibrations. Some humans are sensitive enough to them and can feel them without needing instruments to measure their strength. In various places on the planet different lines have been used by practitioners to align their churches and metaphysical places of ritual observation from the beginning of modern man.

Bali is on the Pacific Ring of Fire, that area of the Earth where 75% of the Earth’s active and dormant volcanoes lie. This area is constantly being rocked by underground movement of lava and pressure adjustments. Many people who live in the area are ultra sensitive to the buildup of pressure that precedes an eruption. In any area where humans are energy sensitive, they can collect either negative or positive energy to themselves. Fear is negativity in the extreme.

Your experience in Bali brought you into contact with a lot of negative energy. It also brought you into contact with discarnate spirits, those souls who have left the human body but have not moved on into the light, and seek to live off the energy of others. Discarnates can easily take energy from someone who is fearful. It is so true that like attracts like, and negative energy has attached itself to you.

The more you are fearful, the more attractive you appear and the more easily you are a target for these energy vampires. You need to have a healer or energy practitioner assist you in getting this negative spirit to move on. Once it is gone your energy will return, because no one will be feeding off you. It is important you spend time creating a positive energy field around you so you only draw positive energy to yourself from now on.