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Deja vu emotions

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

QUESTION: I have been on a three-year odyssey of discovery and would like some help with specific situations. When I am reading about Jesus, The Essenes by Dolores Cannon, The Book of Urantia, and others, I find myself overwhelmed with sadness to the point of tears, and with immense emotion. I would like to know the source of this. Is this related to a previous life? I have tried regression but was not allowed access to my past lives.                                                   ~ Angel

ANSWER: You are very much connected with the feeling of several of your past lives. The reason you have not been able to access them is a sense of fear on your part that what you have been feeling will be lost to you if you go back and relive sections of your experiences.

You have been a student of the path of Jesus, as he enacted his desire to be a “way-shower” for humanity. His life was one of dedication to enrich the lives of all by opening to them the feeling of sacrifice. He opened up the path for human beings to ascend Home on their own terms. You witnessed some of those lessons personally and still feel the power of being in his presence. The sadness is your realization of the steps he had to go through in order to get people to fully comprehend what he was showing.

If you seek to revisit that time in a past-life regression you need to find a spiritual hypnotherapist who will understand the powers that you will be dealing with, so that he or she may prepare you for the experience. Your part will be to place aside the fear that you will be sucked into the emotions, will not be able to sample them, and then will retreat back to the present.

Ask the assistance of your guides in finding the right professional to assist you. They will also be able to accompany you into the life to reassure you.

Playing with fire

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

QUESTION: I became sexually involved with a man whose girlfriend broke up with him. After almost 6 months he found out that I had fallen in love with him and he is now avoiding me. He said he thought we were just having a good time. My heart is breaking and I don’t know how to deal with my unhappiness.                     ~ Judy

ANSWER: Your lover was honest with you from the beginning that he only wanted someone to share a physical relationship with and not become entangled in love, responsibility, and life-sharing. Your sexual partner is still in love with his ex-girlfriend. He is feeling betrayed by her, and now by you as well. He cannot see himself in a family situation with anyone but her.

From the beginning you hoped the relationship could be more than a romp in the hay. You have wanted a companion whom you could depend upon to be always there, and who would love you above all else. When your lover said that he could accept only the physical release that the sex act allowed him, and not an entanglement, you were not completely honest with him about your feelings. Your expectations from the start were for the two of you to become a couple.

It is a very human trait to believe that you are able to change another person’s mind. In sexual relationships you feel that being totally open and giving will make the other person reciprocate. Nothing is further from the truth. People can and will change only when they make up their mind that it is time for them to change.

Your now-former partner felt that his ex-girlfriend was too demanding and thought only of herself and her desires. Your proclamation of love for him made him feel as though you were wrapping chains around him, taking away his freedom and decision making. You will have to admit that part of your behavior was to entice and trick him into something more lasting than he had in mind.

Be honest with yourself in dealings with others and you will never have a situation like this again.

Sexual abuse and clergy

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

QUESTION: Dear Masters, in recent years there have been thousands upon thousands of stories of sexual abuses of children, and even killings by Catholic priests and nuns. I, being one of these who survived, have struggled in understanding why these abuses have happened.  I have struggled with my belief in God.  What lesson or purpose do these religious serial pedophiles have for all of us? I struggle in forgiving them; I struggle in believing that this was chosen and allowed. I’m on my journey of healing and feel stuck here, wanting to move forward and yet still unable to.                                                               ~ Mela

ANSWER: Each soul chooses in advance the lessons that it wishes to experience during a particular lifetime. It may well be as the abused or as the abuser. You selected the situation and made the contracts to enable your teaching to take place. Most cases of abuse are about learning the limits of your own power, self-worth, strength, and choices.

The lesson is much more powerful in the climate of a religion because it also has overtones of faith, trust, and the sense of betrayal. One of the first elements of society which contributes to the belief system by which you live your life is the faith within which you are raised. Your parents presented their religion to you as a place as safe for you as they themselves-presided over by an ever-loving God who protects you.

Under this seemingly protective bubble, children do what they are told without ever questioning. It is not until later, when outside influences let them know that inappropriate behavior has occurred, that doubts, fears, and anxieties begin.

Children first blame themselves for questioning the behavior of the trusted clergy, frequently having their parents call them liars for accusing such a pious person. When the accusations surface, there may be condemnation of the children by the rest of the members of the church, who believe them to be incorrect. Unless the children can connect with their inner strength, power, self-worth, and purpose, they are crippled for life.

You must realize that “God” has nothing to do with these lessons. Each soul has total freedom of choice. Pedophiles are living their own hell on Earth, as are the victims, until each awakens to the lesson within. On the soul level, they are assisting each other in their progress. At Home there will be thanks all around for the assistance given. If you hold on to the negativities-anger, guilt, hatred, loathing, inability to forgive-you will remain stuck and will be unable to move away from that lesson and on to your next.