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How much sleep do we need?

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, can you comment on the amount of sleep needed by humans? Can we train ourselves to need less sleep, through intention and by meditation/bringing healing energy through? Is it a myth that the human body and brain need 6-8 hours sleep in order to recuperate? Or is it possible when one is aware of the power of the mind to get by on much less?       ~ Viki

ANSWER: Each human body has a different mechanism requirement. Some bodies are well-tuned machines running like race cars, others are average energy producers and have satisfactory output, while still others have clogged electrical and fluid systems and just barely chug along. Human beings have to generate sufficient energy to balance out their internal systems.

An average human body needs to have regular maintenance and part of that is the daily recuperation period of about six to eight Earth hours. During the sleep cycle, in addition to recharging the physical body, the soul may huddle with its advisors and go over the game plan for the next time period in the body’s life. Since the consciousness of the person has to maintain its amnesia to get the most out of lesson learning, any consultation with the Home team must be done while the conscious mind is asleep.

If the soul has completed the majority of its lessons, or has entered into a phase of helping others and is not continually working upon itself, it can go into a quick charge mode, which just replenishes the body. Einstein was one of those taking quick 15-minute naps to rejuvenate his cellular materials, after which he would jump right back into his work.

Just as when a body has gone through a trauma and needs a large amount of down time, so too do some souls’ bodies that are working through carry-over lessons from past lives. These particular people may even require nine or ten hours of sleep a night. This is similar to developing children whose sole purpose is to put additional energy into the structural components of their growing body to have the strength to continue their life’s journey.

It is always possible to use your mental abilities to change the needs of the body, but be careful of what the body is involved in at the time. You may be diverting it from a necessary function. Freedom of choice allows you to set your own rules for any phase of your growth.

Survivor’s Guilt

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

QUESTION: My brother-in-law passed away on Jan 15, 2006, just 30 years old. It is almost as if my husband died with him for he feels guilty at still being alive. He thinks his brother hated him when he passed, and he wishes he could have a chance to tell Jeff how much he loved him. My husband has so much guilt because he had stopped trying to get his brother to help himself through his depression and drinking problem. My husband always thought it would be OK again and he just left Jeff alone for a while to do things his own way, but now he wishes he hadn’t let go and had kept on with his brother. I still think he did the right thing, but it doesn’t matter what I think: he feels his brother didn’t know how much he loved him and that tears him apart every day. How can I help him?        ~ Sabrine

ANSWER: Your husband is going through a very common condition called survivor’s guilt. No matter what he might have done in relationship to his brother, it would have made no difference. It is impossible to get people to change unless they want to change, and your brother-in-law did not want to change his life.

Jeff had chosen to lead a very challenging life. He wanted to experience what it was like to exist in a total state of helplessness. Even though he had those around him, like his brother, who sought to offer help, he was deaf to their pleas. By his own choice he was destined to have a short life from the beginning.

It is difficult for many to understand, but the brothers had made an agreement before they came down to Earth. Jeff was going to have all kinds of problems. Your husband would seek to help him with them, realize that he could be of no help, finally step aside, and then watch as his brother transitioned back Home.

Your husband’s lessons in this agreement were to work out his feelings about guilt, responsibility for another, not being able to change another no matter how hard he tried, and the interconnection of all souls. His guilt is a continuing lesson from past lives as well as this. He will have to go deeply into his feelings about trying to control another when they don’t want to be controlled. This also has to do with the fact that one is not responsible for the dealings of another person. Each soul leads its own life.

His life will become a lot easier if he relaxes in the knowledge that all souls are connected. In this knowledge he will know that his brother hears his love and regrets for what has happened, and your husband will be able to feel his brother say, “Hey, Bro, don’t you remember? We planned it this way for both of us to learn from the experience. Just chill, man!”

Fighting for power

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

QUESTION: Please could you shed some light on what can best be described as a phobic type problem and reaction towards someone? This has existed for many, many years and defies all attempts at healing it. No matter how difficult it makes life and how much more wonderful life would be without it, and no matter what is tried (and much work has been done), things just don’t change. What needs to be done to heal this, please?                                      ~ Jill

ANSWER: You are getting glimpses of past-life situations in which the lessons have not been completely discharged. You need to go into the feelings that are deep inside this phobic reaction. What is the exact feeling that you get at the time the response begins? This is your answer and your solution.

You have had many lives with this person and each has ended with unresolved issues. First one of you has tried to control the other and then you have switched roles. In the presence of the other, neither one of you can feel your individual power because you have constantly given it to the other, allowing it to be taken away from you.

You must become totally aware of your own power and not let anyone or anything remove it from you. When you are comfortable with keeping the power to yourself, go into the presence or thoughts of this other person and feel them pull against your power. Confront your feelings on the situation and you will be able to work out this old rivalry. It is as though you are part of an invisible tug-o’-war with the rope being pulled back and forth. One of you has to feel enough to let go of the rope.