Sexual abuse and clergy

QUESTION: Dear Masters, in recent years there have been thousands upon thousands of stories of sexual abuses of children, and even killings by Catholic priests and nuns. I, being one of these who survived, have struggled in understanding why these abuses have happened.  I have struggled with my belief in God.  What lesson or purpose do these religious serial pedophiles have for all of us? I struggle in forgiving them; I struggle in believing that this was chosen and allowed. I’m on my journey of healing and feel stuck here, wanting to move forward and yet still unable to.                                                               ~ Mela

ANSWER: Each soul chooses in advance the lessons that it wishes to experience during a particular lifetime. It may well be as the abused or as the abuser. You selected the situation and made the contracts to enable your teaching to take place. Most cases of abuse are about learning the limits of your own power, self-worth, strength, and choices.

The lesson is much more powerful in the climate of a religion because it also has overtones of faith, trust, and the sense of betrayal. One of the first elements of society which contributes to the belief system by which you live your life is the faith within which you are raised. Your parents presented their religion to you as a place as safe for you as they themselves-presided over by an ever-loving God who protects you.

Under this seemingly protective bubble, children do what they are told without ever questioning. It is not until later, when outside influences let them know that inappropriate behavior has occurred, that doubts, fears, and anxieties begin.

Children first blame themselves for questioning the behavior of the trusted clergy, frequently having their parents call them liars for accusing such a pious person. When the accusations surface, there may be condemnation of the children by the rest of the members of the church, who believe them to be incorrect. Unless the children can connect with their inner strength, power, self-worth, and purpose, they are crippled for life.

You must realize that “God” has nothing to do with these lessons. Each soul has total freedom of choice. Pedophiles are living their own hell on Earth, as are the victims, until each awakens to the lesson within. On the soul level, they are assisting each other in their progress. At Home there will be thanks all around for the assistance given. If you hold on to the negativities-anger, guilt, hatred, loathing, inability to forgive-you will remain stuck and will be unable to move away from that lesson and on to your next.