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Hurting the one you love

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, my mother and I share a very difficult relationship in which we keep hurting each other. I am not a nasty person, but I was so furious about certain things that she did that I said something awful to her. I feel horrible about this. Please can you shed any light on why we keep hurting each other?                             ~Preetha

ANSWER: You and your mother have a very difficult contractual relationship. This is not the first lifetime that you have shared. In each one you have had cantankerous relationships. In the last life she cheated you out of your rightful money, and in the one before that you stole her farm out from under her. In this lifetime all the emotions still firing from past lives are affecting this one.

You are very alike in mannerisms, wants, desires, and also the need for revenge. At Home you are the best of friends and when you decide to come down to Earth at the same time you choose to make your most difficult lessons with each other.

For this lifetime you desired to learn about being able to discern your own feelings from those generated by others. To start to learn this lesson it is necessary to get to know yourself and what your essence (your unconditionally loving soul) feels like. Until you can interact with another and not get base feelings of guilt, fear, hate, and loathing you have not touched your own essence.

You cannot be affected by another’s actions or thoughts unless you accept the things they say to be valid. If you know who you are, and that you are a perfect magnificent soul, what others say will have no effect upon you. The same is true about your mother. She will not be affected by what you say unless she believes that what you say is true.

At a soul level you and your mother are identical-you are both fantastic, loving souls. Be ready to be that person for your mother here on Earth, and see if you can trigger the same response in her. If she cannot accept her true self at this time, then at least you can let go of the energy the past has stirred in you and be ready for a time when she too remembers who she really is.

Negativity shields

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, could you please speak to the need to shield oneself energetically from negativity? As I become clearer, more aware of energy, I’m seeing how we’re all connected to one another and have the ability to draw from the energy of each other. I can now often feel it when someone wants to attach to me energetically. Is there a need to shield oneself regularly? Or is it merely an illusion based on fear-it happens because we believe it? Or is it both?   ~Anne W.

ANSWER: The physical world that you currently inhabit is grounded on the basis of a duality: for all the positive energy there is an equal amount of negative energy. Most people are never aware of the sensation of a positive or negative force around them. As people begin to clear away their life lessons (experiences dealing with negativity), they become aware of positive energy, i.e., the absence of negativity.

Once a people have felt positive energy, they wish to increase the amount around them. Even if they have never realized the feel of positive energy they sense the lightness or shimmering of positive energy and want to embrace it. This energy is like a beacon that draws moths to its light-others cannot avoid its appeal.

When souls have newly completed their lessons and positive energy comes in, generally they are not able to sense when others come along and try to steal it; they are just aware that one moment they feel fine and the next they are exhausted. We call people who come along searching for and stealing positive energy, “energy vampires.”

It is possible to steal energy from souls only if they allow it to happen. The permission may be an open invitation to share or simply a thought of “I feel so great-can you feel it?” Any little hint that you don’t mind your energy being taken away is considered an invitation to come in and snack.

To prevent your providing “munchies” for other souls, you need the intention to  keep what is yours to yourself, unless you actually decide to share. All you need to do is to say to the Universe (that is to all energies everywhere) that you do not want to share your energy. You can also envision yourself protected by a barrier of white light, ask your guides to protect you, or simply say, “No sampling without my permission.”

Human Templates

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, does the incarnating soul provide an energetic template which is manifest as the human body by combining the soul’s DNA with the DNA of the fetus? Einstein, in an interview in the book “Talking with Leaders of the Past,” speaks of the re-blueprinting of bodies by the use of intention to direct energy. Does this imply that there was a blueprint in the first place?          ~John M.

ANSWER: The fetus has a DNA template provided by the biological parents whom it has chosen. This DNA supplies physical, ethnic, medical, and physical sensitivities and propensities to the developing body shell. The soul has its own history, carried in its DNA created by the previous life experiences recorded in the Akashic records.

The physical DNA characteristics are imprinted within the physical body, while the historic DNA is in the etheric body and may be called into play, or not, as the soul sees fit during its lifetime. These both may act as blueprints for the development of the person, depending upon the soul’s freedom of choice for the experiences being sought.

There is a third thing that can come into play in determining characteristics and afflictions, based upon the soul’s freedom to call things to itself through its intention. When something that is not already part of its blueprint from parents or from past history is desired, the soul rewrites its blueprint, with its intention to change the direction in which it is heading.

For instance, a soul may have a propensity to be addicted because its biological blueprint is for an addictive personality, and it has had past lives as a drunk and an obsessive compulsive. But, as this person grows up, that addictive personality realizes that he (or she) is destructively addictive because he never wanted to take responsibility for his actions and was running away. He then develops a strong sense of self-worth and responsibility for every aspect of his life and rewrites the blueprint, through intention, that he is a well-balanced, non-addicted, responsible individual.