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Financial disaster

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, many people have made the mistake of taking on mortgages they now find impossible to afford. They are being foreclosed by the banks and mortgage companies. There is a lot of blame flying around as many lose their homes. People ask if it was the home owners’ fault or the fault of the financial salespeople, or of the government regulators. Should we stop finding fault and concentrate on clearing up the mess?

ANSWER: ¬†“Who is responsible?” is a question asked by the ego-the earth master. It arises in situations where judgment is used to assign rankings and blame to every phase of life. But it may well be exactly the question that you need to investigate to see why you chose that particular scenario for your life.

For those involved in any aspect of this financial crisis you must ask yourself, “What was my motivation in the action I took?” As the home owner: Did you realistically look at all possibilities concerning the debt you committed yourself to? Or were you trying to get away with buying something you knew in your heart you could not afford, thinking that since they were willing to lend you the money, it was their problem and not yours? As the lender: Did you stretch the rules a little to make another commission, knowing that the loan was secured with the property, so how could you lose? Just let that buyer beware! As the government regulators: Did you ¬†look the other way and let the lenders dance their merry jig, imagining that they would police themselves and act ethically in their dealings?

This all sounds like a giant horrid fairy tale to most people, but to us it is a massive life-lesson session where souls wanted to teach themselves about responsibility for actions taken. In the aftermath, in order to learn why you choose a financial disaster, you have to examine the beginning, middle, and end of the process. Acknowledge what your part was in each phase of the story. How did you feel as each commitment was made? Did you give any attention to the warning signs? Did you look carefully at the documents that came with your money? Or did you disregard the negative and see only the positive?

All the parties choosing to wear blinders were the cause of the current dilemma. The cure is to continue on with your life-lessons knowing that a soul never brings to itself more than it is capable of handling. Take a realistic inventory, evaluate what you need to do to bring your life into balance, then act. This will clear up the mess you perceive.

Do souls attend their own funerals?

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I recently attended a funeral for a dear friend. It was a Jewish service which I found truly heart-felt and wonderful-really a great tribute to my friend. My question is, once people have passed on do they attend their own funeral in spirit? Do they have any feelings toward the proceedings? Or does it not really matter to them at this point?

ANSWER: Earth funerals are for the people who remain after a soul has gone Home. At the time of transition the soul may be ready to return immediately to its place at Home, or it may be confused and need some time to realize it has left its former body-shell and that it can float and go wherever it desires. A soul may cling to Earth because it feels it is needed, or it has some unfinished business it must complete.

When the soul clings to Earth it definitely attends its own funeral because that is the site of all the people it is seeking to remain near. If it has transitioned Home immediately it may check in on the funeral to add its energy to help family and friends grieve. But if it is confused, it does not even realize what is happening, and attending a service is the last thing it would think to do.

A final service is for closure, for those who remain to see an end to their physical connection to the deceased. It may also bring the beginning of awareness that the soul lives on, or trigger a point of introspection for the human to learn about the journey of each soul through the stages of life and death. It is with the recounting of the life of a friend that you realize just how complex and interconnected all souls’ journeys really are. You may also get a feeling of the contracts you had with the person and how they played out for both of you to learn.

Whether souls attend or not, they have no vested interest in what takes place at the service. Most attend to touch those in attendance energetically as a way of saying a last earthly “Goodbye.”

Figuring out life issues

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I have been a practicing lawyer for 24 years but left my corporate law job a year ago, promising myself a year off. All I’ve really been doing during this time is teaching at a graduate level part time (which I love), but I realize I need to get back to a job that will pay for my children’s college education. My husband and I have been estranged for some time. Despite having a Harvard MBA he has been unemployed for 8 years, just sponging off me. He has become a black energy cloud that follows us around sucking me and the children dry of all energy. Can you help me see a direction and some light at the end of the tunnel?

ANSWER: Your husband does not like to take responsibility for anything. He is very comfortable playing the spoiled little boy who doesn’t want to grow up. He envies what he sees as the carefree life of your children. In point of fact, they are more responsible and resourceful than he. As the children grow older he is getting resentful that they are pulling away from their need of him, so he is sucking on their energy.

He has always siphoned off your energy. At first it felt like a loving sharing, so you allowed it. Now that you have not been as preoccupied with your employment, you notice it for the drain it is. He does not want to leave this cushy little situation he has developed, so to change the scenario, you will have to make the decisions. Do you want to continue being a food source? Or do you want to rid yourself of this suction machine and move on?

One of your lessons in life was to become aware of the interaction between souls. Your family and teaching have provided a laboratory. Moving on will free you and clear your aura of negativity while also forcing your husband to realize what he has fallen into by way of his lifestyle. Only he can choose to change his pathway.

You have become very aware of energy cycles and the way they affect people. Your children are equally aware. Your husband sees nothing, and will continue to see and feel nothing until the present cocoon has been withdrawn from him. But nothing is right or wrong so you may choose to leave things the way they are.

Part of your learning process is accelerated whenever you work with or teach others. You sense what is needed by someone and then strive to produce it. To gather the finances for your children’s education you will either have to jump back into industry, and spend less time with them, or teach more classes. Have you ever considered teaching at one of the universities that provide free tuition for faculty members’ families?