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Understanding martyrdom

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, there has been a lot in the news recently about some of the detainees at Guantanamo Prison. I am having a problem in understanding the lessons for someone like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who brags about being the designer of terrorist attacks throughout the world, and now wants us to allow him to become a martyr by putting him to death for all the people whom he killed. What does this say about our world?

ANSWER: Your world is a magnificent cauldron bubbling with every possible life-lesson a soul could ever choose to experience. Many times in your recorded history you have had like souls demonstrate the pathway to fame, from the infamy of  Hitler and Genghis Khan, to the martyrdom of apostle Peter and Sir Thomas More.

There are many types of things that the soul can choose to learn. Being the best of the best or the worst of the worst are only the extremes. Souls who are in the midst of a planned experience can feel only their own heart beat and see only what they feel will accomplish their desires. They are hostage to the belief systems they have designed for themselves.

We have said many times that belief systems control the way souls react to the world around them. When someone has written into their directions that the enemy is to be destroyed in any way possible, there are no rules of engagement, only bare-knuckle brawling.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed believes that he is the savior of his people, and that the rest of the world’s people, who have different religious beliefs, must be destroyed. Once captured, he feels that his best work would be martyrdom that will rally his people to further action against the infidels who threaten them. “Carry on in my name!”

This sort of lesson is not different from experiencing a simple lesson such as dealing with a disability. It seems more profound because this one person has had a tremendous impact on a good number of other souls. But then they all agreed (in advance) to participate.

A mainstream future or healing

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder if you could give me a little direction concerning a decision in the near future. I will graduate from college in a few months and am drawn for employment in two directions, either to become a Federal Agent or a holistic healer. I realize they are at different ends of the spectrum. I have noted the pros and cons of each and was wondering if you could help me see the whole decision from a different, higher viewpoint.

ANSWER: You are a perfect example of the soul coming to Earth to learn lessons. Only within the physical duality can the soul gather knowledge. When older souls, with many prior Earth experiences, enter the phase of their incarnation where they concentrate on a business, they are often conflicted.

A younger soul with little wisdom concentrates on situations that permit simple life-lessons such as greed, control, betrayal, etc. Once many similar lives have been lived, the soul then enters into phases of reaching out to share information it has obtained with other less-informed souls. Then an issue may occur. The soul is still in a physical setting and must be able to support itself, creating a potential problem.

Your world is currently in a transitional phase. During this phase the older souls are awakening and wanting to use their skills to help others reach enlightenment, but there are not always enough other awakening souls available to allow the older soul to support its physical needs with compensation. In your case, your area is not into holistic healing sufficiently to allow you to support your needs.

There are a number of directions you can take. Employment with the government will provide sufficient cash to enable you to develop a healing clientele in your spare time, and then you would be able to continue with this dual arrangement or transfer into healing completely. You will be opening a lot of your co-workers to new ideas and feelings. Or, you may move to an area where holistic lifestyles are encouraged and begin a practice there.

Neither is right nor wrong for your intended path. This is a freedom of choice decision and one best made accessing your innermost feelings.

Helping Planet Earth

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I sense the energy flow of the planet and wish to help it heal any way that I can. It pains me to see that so few people care about their impact on the environment. What can I do to awaken people to the effect they have on Mother Earth? I have reached out and tried to have an effect through some existing websites, but I feel that most of these are not realistic at all in their approach. Others are too fanatical for me. I have time and want to invest it; please direct me.

ANSWER: You are very aware that it is impossible to change other people’s beliefs unless they are ready, willing, and able to oblige. It pleases us that you are seeking ways to help promote environmental change. The path to lead others to change their ways comes through education and energy transference. If all could feel the Earth as you do they would immediately mend their ways.

The type of education needed here is the soft-sell variety. It will do no good to stand over another with an axe and proclaim “your arm for defiling the forests, your leg for polluting the waters.” The U.S. forest service had the right approach with Smokey the Bear: “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

People respond to facts and figures. Just how polluted are your waters? What deformities has pollution caused in fish and frogs? When will the natural gas from a certain field be depleted? How much wildlife was destroyed by the last oil spill? How has the air pollution in major cities increased chronic lung conditions? What new, cleaner sources are there for cars, factories, reusable containers, and daily activities? All these appeals have to be to the conscious mind.

What about the unconscious? Bombard the universe with healing energy. Form healing groups and meditation circles putting the intentions for conservation, healing, and recycling into the ozone. Those people who are open to the feelings around them will sense a shifting and may even receive the message clearly. For all those who only care about themselves, the energy will soothe hot spots on the planet and potentially prevent further Earth-crust shifting and eruptions.