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Learning with sex

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, in my profession I counsel many people who seem to be consumed by sexual problems. One women expresses a need she meets by taking many lovers, while another finds all her romances are dominated by men unavailable to make the relationship permanent. One man is anxious about his hunger to view mild pornography. Is there a common lesson to be learned through all these sexual difficulties?

ANSWER: A very simple answer is a resounding no! But when did we ever stop at that? All jesting aside, each of these individuals is dealing with different lessons that are using the same tool, sexuality, to allow the person to see the symptoms of the deeper problem.

Your relentless lover is looking for love—not romantic love but the love of herself. She hates everything about herself, the way she is compulsively driven into the arms of anyone who will have her, the self-loathing of being out of control and not being able to do anything about it, and the fear that she is not good enough for someone to remain in a single relationship.

The woman who always puts herself in situations where she cannot be completely satisfied, feels she is unworthy of a lasting union. She does not want to commit to a marriage because she also fears being dominated, so she insures that cannot happen by becoming involved only with married men. She feels that her actions provide her protection, but in fact, they prevent her from awareness of self.

Your gentleman voyeur has a fear of intimacy. He yearns to have personal and physical contact but he fears that he will be ridiculed for some reason. He loathes what he feels is his image. Once told he was dorky and ugly, he fears rejection. To him, if he were ever rejected by a hot-looking babe, that would be the ultimate condemnation confirming his lack of being normal. He cannot accept himself.

To a majority of humans, interpersonal relationships culminating in sex are the supreme determination of a successful life. The energetic state at the point of orgasm approximates the shear elation felt within the energy of Home. Is it any wonder then that so many of the lessons, as enumerated above, are worked out in the arena of sex?

To stay or to go

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

QUESTION: I am having problems in my marriage. I love my husband and I know that he loves me. He is not very awakened or self-aware. His only concerns are about his image as seen by others, and while he tolerates my meditation and healing practices, he doesn’t want to know anything about them. I sense that we are growing apart but I fear leaving him. What should I do?

ANSWER: This is one of those questions to which we can only answer that you must exercise your freedom of choice. You entered this marriage when quite young and have thrived on the independence it gave you from your own upbringing. During this union you have reached out and experimented with life energies in the form of meditation and healing, learning more about yourself constantly. Your husband has only concerned himself with trying to please others in business. His identity is as a trusted employee. To others he does not have an individual identity such as you have developed.

Nothing is right or wrong, but have you not felt your energy being very low in his presence? He delights in your development. Your energy feels excellent to him and he sucks it like a lamb from a teat at every opportunity. He is not as old a soul as you and does not have your wisdom. The lessons he chose for this lifetime are mostly about ego. Your lessons are concerning self and cosmic awareness and helping others.

Unfortunately you will not be able to help him unless he wants to be helped. Your path is much higher than his and you would have to kneel down to assist him, if he chose to be assisted.

Your fear arises from the unknown. You went from your family to your husband’s home and know nothing else. Just as you have learned so much about yourself and your strengths, so would you be able to make your own way without either of these family domiciles. You need and deserve to have a soul who is of your same nature, one who wants to learn and grow in awareness and be able to share with you on a daily basis. There are souls like that out there.

Banishing self-doubt

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I doubt myself and my decisions so much that it is interfering with my life. I have been studying and reading about self-awareness and manifestation but the authors only confuse me further. I was laid off from my employment and I am having a hard time finding another position. What can I do?

ANSWER: While you have had this “doubt” in your mind your entire life, the act of being laid off thrust the belief of your worthlessness to the forefront. Your big lesson this lifetime is to find your significance as a soul and your worth as a soul having a human experience.

Trying to find an answer to solve all your feelings from a book or motivator is sitting back and saying, “Even if the answer might be inside of me, I wouldn’t trust it. Somebody tell me what to do.”

The concepts you currently accept as your own came from outside of you. They are the things people have told you about yourself or the material you have read. It is like data entered into the hard drive of a computer—it remains until it is erased or overwritten with something else.

You are dealing with the ego, that part of the human brain that deals with issues of fitting into society. Throughout life, various sources have imprinted their beliefs upon your brain. You have accepted them and adopted them as your own. Some of those beliefs dealt with your insignificance and worthlessness. You may continue to claim these as your own values, or you may rewrite your beliefs to include the power of your soul.

The true sense of who you are resides inside of you in that essence which is your soul. All souls were broken off from Source and therefore all are equal and magnificent. It is just a matter of accepting that fact and writing it into the belief system of each life you live.

Venture inside yourself in meditation. Connect with that fount of unconditional love which is the core of your soul in the body. Sense that the negativity, the uncertainty, the unworthiness, the worthlessness, cannot exist here. Then bring those feelings out into the light as your understanding of your true nature.