Do souls attend their own funerals?

QUESTION: Masters, I recently attended a funeral for a dear friend. It was a Jewish service which I found truly heart-felt and wonderful-really a great tribute to my friend. My question is, once people have passed on do they attend their own funeral in spirit? Do they have any feelings toward the proceedings? Or does it not really matter to them at this point?

ANSWER: Earth funerals are for the people who remain after a soul has gone Home. At the time of transition the soul may be ready to return immediately to its place at Home, or it may be confused and need some time to realize it has left its former body-shell and that it can float and go wherever it desires. A soul may cling to Earth because it feels it is needed, or it has some unfinished business it must complete.

When the soul clings to Earth it definitely attends its own funeral because that is the site of all the people it is seeking to remain near. If it has transitioned Home immediately it may check in on the funeral to add its energy to help family and friends grieve. But if it is confused, it does not even realize what is happening, and attending a service is the last thing it would think to do.

A final service is for closure, for those who remain to see an end to their physical connection to the deceased. It may also bring the beginning of awareness that the soul lives on, or trigger a point of introspection for the human to learn about the journey of each soul through the stages of life and death. It is with the recounting of the life of a friend that you realize just how complex and interconnected all souls’ journeys really are. You may also get a feeling of the contracts you had with the person and how they played out for both of you to learn.

Whether souls attend or not, they have no vested interest in what takes place at the service. Most attend to touch those in attendance energetically as a way of saying a last earthly “Goodbye.”