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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, a few days ago I have read something about the phenomenon called “walk in”, which happens when a person lives a near death experience and changes the personality dramatically right after the experience is completed. The terminology “walk in” means a switch between souls in the same body. What I came here to ask is if I am a “walk in”… I feel like I am… When I gave birth to my first child, I had a post-partum hemorrhage, this was a very intense moment and I survived. Just after that I recognized I was a newborn person and my personality changed drastically and immediately. This happened almost 6 years ago, but all these years are a very confusing time and only now I think I understand what really happened to me… What could you explain to me that could help me in this comprehension? ~Clara, Brazil

ANSWER: You are the second soul to inhabit that particular human body. The first soul was due to die during the hemorrhaging and you had wanted to come into this time period without having to go through the whole gestation stage and infancy, toddler, teenager, etc. You wanted to be in a family, so having a baby already was a big plus. The former occupant did not care if you “walked-in” to the body that it was leaving because they thought it would be good for the other souls with whom she was sharing this life to have it seem like she was still there.

Walk-ins are extremely rare occurrences. You entered with the shared memories which were contained in the body’s cellular memory but not all the specifics of having lived those early years. You had watched this body for some time, so you were able to fit in quite well and people were “forgiving” for any uncomfortable moments in the beginning during your acclimation phase because of your medical condition.

The whole situation is not unlike a person who suffers a head injury where there is partial amnesia. You can think of the whole scenario sort of like a transfer from one department in a company to another. You have a desire to be loyal to the company and to fit in and learn all that you can while in the new location.

Every soul creates its own reality, so it is up to you where you go from here and what you decide to do. Generally, a walk-in remains in its acquired body through the rest of that body’s life cycle. No one else has to know what has transpired. Most people would not understand and would be freaked out by the thought of their loved one being replaced by a stranger.

Fed up with life

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I am so angry with all Spiritual Guides. I don’t know why I am experiencing the life I have, but whatever the reasons are, I don’t want this lesson/life anymore. I really want to find a romantic relationship, but it has never happened to me. I am asexual, gay, have a very particular personality, struggle with mental health issues, and I am not within the society’s views of beauty, so I am aware of the difficulty. But even when I met compatible people, no one ever chooses me. For many years I was holding out hope, but now I hate being in this situation and I beg every day to find ANYTHING. Whatever person, even an abuser, will work. I can’t take this bad life path anymore. Why is no one listening? Why am I not allowed to change this?? (I tried, in all physical, spiritual, and energetic ways) ~Gabbie, USA

ANSWER: Have you finished throwing your little temper tantrum? There is no need to blame anyone but yourself for the life you are living because you planned it before entering that body. No one makes decisions for a soul’s journey but that soul. Once on Earth, each soul, now a human being, creates their own reality.

A reality is controlled by the beliefs you choose to have regulate and control your life. In the beginning these come from parents, teachers, and society. You have to learn that they can be exchanged for something you desire. Creating a reality occurs by accepting that you have the ability to manifest things necessary to complete your chosen lessons.

Your first job is to accept that you are a piece of Source energy and are beautiful and deserving of love. The problem is that you can only love another to the degree that you love yourself, and with your current state of self-hatred, no one wants to be anywhere near your energy.

You are wallowing in self-pity and insisting that someone else has caused all this and they need to change things immediately. Others don’t have to listen; it is up to you to just believe and take action. Your attitude is like saying you don’t want to watch what is on television, but you are waiting for someone else to come and change the channel instead of getting up and doing it yourself.

“Good” changes cannot occur in negativity. For this reason, you must learn to step away from negative thinking and activities and bring in positive, loving energy. Your essence and the rest of the nonphysical universe is composed of unconditional love. Every time you start getting depressed, upset, or condemning of your condition, stop and relax into unconditional love because it is available all around you. In that state, examine what is happening. Send away the negative feelings and replace them with loving energy. This will – and you can – change your environment.

Getting forgiveness from a soul

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I remember a previous lifetime in which I had a perfect relationship but due to my not accepting homosexuality and wanting “the traditional”, I broke it off and she committed suicide. I have these memories (feelings) since childhood but saw it in a regression a few years ago. I realized that my whole life (personality, desires, situations) were built over trying to make this situation right. But I feel her soul still is not open to me at all and does not forgive me. I really wanted to rekindle our relationship and maybe try to be together again. If souls are “enlightened beings”, why can’t her soul care about all I have done to ask for
forgiveness? And why is my soul so attached to this particular experience and can’t let go? She doesn’t want to be with me and my pain is excruciating. ~Lara, France

ANSWER: You are a dreamer and using dreaming as a way to escape reality. Your major lesson this lifetime is dealing with abandonment. She abandoned you in the previous life and you feel she is abandoning you now.

Souls come into a human body so that they might deal with the duality and learn to understand what their chosen lessons mean to their enlightenment. Mixing your physical form with the current nonphysical form of this other soul is impossible while you are on two different planes.

All these feelings are coming at you to remind you that you didn’t complete your lesson of discernment: figuring out why you were really there in that lifetime. Once a soul leaves the duality and returns to unconditional love, they no longer have any negative feelings, so the fact that you think she has not forgiven you is an illusion. The truth is that you have not forgiven yourself.

The way to resolve your current dilemma is to go into that life again in meditation and/or hypnosis and talk to the soul’s higher self, who understands all the lessons it has been involved with in all its incarnations. See that that soul is not the only solution for you – a plan you have convinced yourself is the only solution and upon which you have fixated.

This is your life’s journey. It is a solo affair in which to learn both the lessons chosen for this life and any remaining from previous lives. Romantically it can be outstanding if you bring yourself into this life alone and don’t try to span the past with the present.

Eliminate your shadow emotions, bring in unconditional love from Source, and then manifest a love, of whatever type you desire, to fulfill the remainder of your time here.