QUESTION: Masters, a few days ago I have read something about the phenomenon called “walk in”, which happens when a person lives a near death experience and changes the personality dramatically right after the experience is completed. The terminology “walk in” means a switch between souls in the same body. What I came here to ask is if I am a “walk in”… I feel like I am… When I gave birth to my first child, I had a post-partum hemorrhage, this was a very intense moment and I survived. Just after that I recognized I was a newborn person and my personality changed drastically and immediately. This happened almost 6 years ago, but all these years are a very confusing time and only now I think I understand what really happened to me… What could you explain to me that could help me in this comprehension? ~Clara, Brazil

ANSWER: You are the second soul to inhabit that particular human body. The first soul was due to die during the hemorrhaging and you had wanted to come into this time period without having to go through the whole gestation stage and infancy, toddler, teenager, etc. You wanted to be in a family, so having a baby already was a big plus. The former occupant did not care if you “walked-in” to the body that it was leaving because they thought it would be good for the other souls with whom she was sharing this life to have it seem like she was still there.

Walk-ins are extremely rare occurrences. You entered with the shared memories which were contained in the body’s cellular memory but not all the specifics of having lived those early years. You had watched this body for some time, so you were able to fit in quite well and people were “forgiving” for any uncomfortable moments in the beginning during your acclimation phase because of your medical condition.

The whole situation is not unlike a person who suffers a head injury where there is partial amnesia. You can think of the whole scenario sort of like a transfer from one department in a company to another. You have a desire to be loyal to the company and to fit in and learn all that you can while in the new location.

Every soul creates its own reality, so it is up to you where you go from here and what you decide to do. Generally, a walk-in remains in its acquired body through the rest of that body’s life cycle. No one else has to know what has transpired. Most people would not understand and would be freaked out by the thought of their loved one being replaced by a stranger.