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Perfect Source and evil

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I struggle to understand, if we are all part of perfect source, where do all the evil thoughts and acts originate? If someone murders ten people does he have to live ten more times to be murdered in return? ~Anne, Wales

ANSWER: Source is perfect energy, composed solely of unconditional love, where no negativity exists. Before the creation of individual pieces broken off from Source (souls), its awareness was only of perfection. When you have nothing to compare, you don’t have any experience of the possibilities. Source knew what it was but had no concept of what it wasn’t.

The pieces, souls, allowed Source to be in many places at once and to partake in numerous events. Source created a place, planet Earth, formed of equal parts negative and positive energy. The souls were given total freedom of choice to decide whether they wanted to live in negativity or positivity. Being able to compare the love of positivity with the hate of negativity gives definition to the concept and feeling of love, allowing Source to appreciate what it is and what it is not.

There is no “tit for tat” or “eye for an eye” mentality in learning life lessons. The fact that you have done something in one lifetime does not mean you have to do the opposite in the next or subsequent lives. Your murderer may never choose to come and experience being a victim if his original lesson involved control issues.

Once a lesson is chosen, the soul comes into the duality of Earth. The negative aspect of the situation is presented to the soul so it may then choose to continue in the negative or opt for the positive. The duality is a place of judgment controlled by the ego, which judges everything against everything else.

For the soul to learn, it has to step away from ego judgment and evaluate what it desires for growth. It must shun the negative and look toward unconditional love in order to connect to its own essence and Source energy.

Suppose murderers like the one you mentioned want to have supreme control over other people. They demonstrate that by ending others’ existence. In spiritual terms, they then have the opportunity either to bask in the power they held over the deceased, or to realize that control is an illusion because the people no longer exist for them to control. If they see the futility of their acts, they have learned the lesson and can move on.

Dealing with family

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I am pretty sure that my husband is my twin flame, I love him dearly. However, I am having a hard time dealing with his parents and sisters. They are all very superficial and materialistic people, they seem to be obsessive about us and they are always trying to control our lives. I am struggling to set boundaries but I don’t want to hurt my husband’s feelings. I usually feel drained and exhausted every time I need to be with them and because of that I don’t want to meet them very often. Why are they so difficult to deal with? What can I do about it? Should my husband be the one to set boundaries? Should I ask him to do so? ~Matilda, Brazil

ANSWER: The magic in maintaining and containing relationships is communication. To have that perfect sharing relationship, it is imperative that your husband be aware of all of your feelings, both between you and him, and between you and the other members of his family. Let him know how they impinge on your life and that they take your energy when they are near so that you are exhausted.

Your husband is not your twin flame; if he were, the only thing either of you would see in this world is each other. You would not feel the need to interact with anyone else. His focus would be on you alone, and he would not have any contact with his family.

His family is jealous of the connection the two of you share. You are content, happy, and positive most of the time, which intrigues them because they tend to be negative, unhappy, and angry. He has grown up with their energy around him and has built up a barrier to its affecting him. Unless you explain to him the impact their actions have upon you, he will not recognize the problem.

You must accept that he is on his own journey, and dealing with his family is part of that trip. That does not mean that you have an obligation to spend any more time with them than is comfortable for you. Another possibility is for you to surround yourself with positive energy every time you have contact with them so they are not able to steal your energy. Whenever they try to control your life, thank them for their interest and tell them you have considered their input and it doesn’t feel suitable to you.

Lessons segment life

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, did I plan to leave my ex for my life now and if so what where my lessons in doing so, it prays on my mind as I still feel guilty. Was I just bored or was it time for me to learn new lessons as I feel now my life isn’t as harmonious as it used to be with my ex, is this partnership right for me? I feel a very strong bond with my only son, have we had a life together before? I feel like I am spiritually progressing. Am I right in thinking that I do help people in my own way? ~Joanne, United Kingdom

ANSWER: You had made the plan to have a number of varied experiences in a relationship mode. Your lessons included the clarity of understanding when you reached a place where a partnership had become non-functional and almost destructive. This was your sign that you had learned as much as you could in that union and, if you wanted to continue learning, it was imperative that you moved on.

The feeling of guilt comes from the influence of some of those around you, and society in general, saying you didn’t give it enough of a try and marriage is forever. Boredom had nothing to do with your realization that it was time to go somewhere else since your experiences had stagnated.

The sense that your life is less harmonious comes from getting out of a comfort zone where you knew what was coming next. It is more disconcerting to face the unknown and wonder how it is going to come out. As we always say, you are exactly where you need to be when you are there.

When you enter a new partnership, there is a learning curve and bumpy, uncomfortable roads until you settle into the new scene. Give it time. You and your son have had lives together in the past and have always been close. This is all part of your spiritual path. Your questions demonstrate that you are spiritually aware and moving along your desired path.

You do help people, but you should be more concerned first with taking care of yourself. You need to connect more with Source and feel that unconditional love within. When you have achieved full self-love, you may then choose to be concerned about others.