Lessons segment life

QUESTION: Masters, did I plan to leave my ex for my life now and if so what where my lessons in doing so, it prays on my mind as I still feel guilty. Was I just bored or was it time for me to learn new lessons as I feel now my life isn’t as harmonious as it used to be with my ex, is this partnership right for me? I feel a very strong bond with my only son, have we had a life together before? I feel like I am spiritually progressing. Am I right in thinking that I do help people in my own way? ~Joanne, United Kingdom

ANSWER: You had made the plan to have a number of varied experiences in a relationship mode. Your lessons included the clarity of understanding when you reached a place where a partnership had become non-functional and almost destructive. This was your sign that you had learned as much as you could in that union and, if you wanted to continue learning, it was imperative that you moved on.

The feeling of guilt comes from the influence of some of those around you, and society in general, saying you didn’t give it enough of a try and marriage is forever. Boredom had nothing to do with your realization that it was time to go somewhere else since your experiences had stagnated.

The sense that your life is less harmonious comes from getting out of a comfort zone where you knew what was coming next. It is more disconcerting to face the unknown and wonder how it is going to come out. As we always say, you are exactly where you need to be when you are there.

When you enter a new partnership, there is a learning curve and bumpy, uncomfortable roads until you settle into the new scene. Give it time. You and your son have had lives together in the past and have always been close. This is all part of your spiritual path. Your questions demonstrate that you are spiritually aware and moving along your desired path.

You do help people, but you should be more concerned first with taking care of yourself. You need to connect more with Source and feel that unconditional love within. When you have achieved full self-love, you may then choose to be concerned about others.