Perfect Source and evil

QUESTION: Masters I struggle to understand, if we are all part of perfect source, where do all the evil thoughts and acts originate? If someone murders ten people does he have to live ten more times to be murdered in return? ~Anne, Wales

ANSWER: Source is perfect energy, composed solely of unconditional love, where no negativity exists. Before the creation of individual pieces broken off from Source (souls), its awareness was only of perfection. When you have nothing to compare, you don’t have any experience of the possibilities. Source knew what it was but had no concept of what it wasn’t.

The pieces, souls, allowed Source to be in many places at once and to partake in numerous events. Source created a place, planet Earth, formed of equal parts negative and positive energy. The souls were given total freedom of choice to decide whether they wanted to live in negativity or positivity. Being able to compare the love of positivity with the hate of negativity gives definition to the concept and feeling of love, allowing Source to appreciate what it is and what it is not.

There is no “tit for tat” or “eye for an eye” mentality in learning life lessons. The fact that you have done something in one lifetime does not mean you have to do the opposite in the next or subsequent lives. Your murderer may never choose to come and experience being a victim if his original lesson involved control issues.

Once a lesson is chosen, the soul comes into the duality of Earth. The negative aspect of the situation is presented to the soul so it may then choose to continue in the negative or opt for the positive. The duality is a place of judgment controlled by the ego, which judges everything against everything else.

For the soul to learn, it has to step away from ego judgment and evaluate what it desires for growth. It must shun the negative and look toward unconditional love in order to connect to its own essence and Source energy.

Suppose murderers like the one you mentioned want to have supreme control over other people. They demonstrate that by ending others’ existence. In spiritual terms, they then have the opportunity either to bask in the power they held over the deceased, or to realize that control is an illusion because the people no longer exist for them to control. If they see the futility of their acts, they have learned the lesson and can move on.