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Familial connection and responsibility

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I do not understand the purpose of my mother in my and my sister’s life…no matter how much we loved her she was always so abusive, judgmental and negative. With time I have become passive and my sister aggressive. And with time instead of growing with age my mother has become more negative. Do we need to stay with her as duty or leave for our peace at least? Is accumulation of negativity a part of learning of such people? ~J.S., India

ANSWER: The three of you had many joint lessons to attempt to learn in this life. Your mother came to Earth to learn about love. She was never successful and does not understand what familial love is all about. She has always chosen negative thoughts, moods, emotions, and activities. She is more content to be morose and depressed than to be happy, and she wishes the same for others.

She also had a lot of fear in her life. She has no self-confidence and therefore feels safe only when she is in control, which resulted in the unsavory treatment she delivered to you girls.

You and your sister wanted to experience these lessons demonstrated by your mother so that you could use the information to make choices for yourself. You have both reacted differently to this experience. You have decided not to react to the actions of your mother – instead, being passive and non-confrontational. Your sister became reactive and deals out aggression in response to what she considers unfair treatment.

Your mother is not going to change her personality at this point of her life. If anything, you will find that she will become more demonstrative, negative, and argumentative because no one is objecting or calling her on her actions. You have no spiritual responsibility to stay within the negative range of her reach.

It is time for you two to see what life can be like without constant conflict. You should experiment with being responsible only for yourselves. Learn to try different responses to day-to-day interactions. Examine if you feel content with your own behavior; if not, change it at will. When you do not have to protect yourself from your mother by being passive, you may find an enjoyment in being assertive.

Sexual orientation

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I have one doubt.. Is it possible for someone to change your own sexual orientation? Can a straight person turn into a gay person or vice-versa? I heard someone can’t control your own physical attraction, but in another hand can someone change it? ~Vinicius, Brazil

ANSWER: The duality of Earth provides souls having a human experience with all potentialities. All have freedom to choose how they wish to lead their life and what directions they wish to pursue. Those who come to Earth with a particular sexual orientation, and an appearance that of the opposite sexual body from which they were born, have several options. They may live as the birth sex, cross-dress into the opposite sex, have transgender surgery, or follow homosexual behavior.

Emotionally a body has feelings of strong likes and dislikes, not only in sexual encounters but also in foods and activities. It may be as simple as a fascination for those of the same or opposite sex, a particular body type such as thin or muscular, hair color or style, or anything else. These characteristic attractions may change from time to time.

A number of people have multiple tendencies. When it comes to sexual orientation, these persons generally experiment with both sexes. Some find yearnings to vary from time to time and attraction to be for individuals rather than one sex. Those who over-think an attraction to one sex or the other are being influenced by societal thinking and not their own internal draw. Those who are influenced by the judgment of others are not honoring the spiritual journey that brought them to Earth.

People can always say no. They can change their interests and path at any time because of their freedom of choice. Does that mean they should do so because family and peers are telling them to? That too is subject to choice. Nothing is right or wrong on the spiritual journey. All of life is for learning. You can’t learn if you don’t try what appeals to you. There are no absolutes in life.

Life’s journey

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, after recovering from cancer, I’ve set a goal to return to wellness. In the last year, I’ve been in physical therapy for a pinched nerve and then a torn meniscus. Now I’m dealing with pneumonia. I’m wondering about my path to wellness. Are these diseases obstacles that I had planned to face? Or are they a result of not learning lessons? Or is my body letting go of past negative experiences as I envision being in good health and how it would feel. My spirit guides are strong and true and support me constantly. Can you connect with them and offer guidance? ~A.J., United States

ANSWER: You set yourself up for a complicated and sometimes contradictory set of life lessons. Your wish was to have a body that would provide a variety of difficulties and ailments, as a result of which you would have to exercise freedom of choice, manifestation techniques, and acceptance of your inner powers and abilities.

As you work through each lesson – among which have been issues of self-confidence, faith, acceptance, betrayal, depression, and self-love – you make yourself available for the next lesson. And, as with all of life’s challenges, you will be re-tested at times to make sure you have truly learned the lesson. You will rarely see the exact repeat but rather a variation on the theme.

You had planned all of the lessons, just not how they were going to play out. You are continuously ridding your physical body of negativity and emotionally resolving any attachments or residues that have remained. Keep on waging your war; minor battles and skirmishes are still on the horizon.

Your guides are with you always and cheer on your efforts. They are eager to continue with you on your journey to health. Staying in touch with them will make the trip more enjoyable and companionable.

Remember and accept that you are a piece of Source and have all the same powers and abilities of Source. Arm yourself with that knowledge and your arsenal will be complete.