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Creating your stage setting

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I thought I had things figured out. But recently, after so many experiences and setbacks, I wonder how much of this world is illusion? There seems to be so much more, are there things even the masters have yet to understand? Is it a possibility that our life lessons and reincarnation are another layer of processes built into our earthly belief systems? Were these created by an ancient race, or a lower God of creation? Can the concept of duality be a form of control created to defer our minds from an ultimate reality? ~Erika, U.S.

ANSWER: Your entire world is an illusion created by you to give you a stage upon which to learn what you wish to experience. The limits of your world illusion are controlled by your own imagination and creating the situations you need to address in order to learn. The Masters are aware of all that is possible because they may observe what is happening and what possibilities are available.

You cannot compare Earthly belief systems and the spiritual world. Humans are actually souls who chose to have a human experience – not humans who just happen to have a soul. You may adopt aspects of your spiritual journey as a layer of your human life, but not the other way around.

All things in human form deal with the duality of negative and positive as determined by the third-dimensional ego, using judgment. A spiritual passage is observation of the occurring events with an evaluation (not a judgment) of whether you wish to repeat them or feel you have seen enough of them.

Duality arises merely to allow a soul to make decisions or choices for the purpose of learning about itself. It requires the judging of which energy you wish to possess. Being a soul at Home or in Source energy is being in unconditional love where there is no negativity and no right or wrong and, hence, nothing to judge – so no ego.

All souls have the same essence: unconditional love. There are no lesser or greater gods, because all are composed of that same energy. Ancient races may come into play if a soul has had a human incarnation in which it was a part of the evolution of Earth. It is simply knowledge that was personally experienced, but it is shared by all.

You are trying very hard to “think” your way into a nonphysical, nonregulated, constantly changing setting that souls use to create the stages needed for their “performance.” Just sit back and let it happen!

Making sure you learn the lesson

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, why do I keep slipping back from the feeling of inner peace and altruistic love? And why do the obstacles keep me from sharing the life with the man I am strongly connected with? How do these two things walk hand in hand? ~Hannele, Finland

ANSWER: All souls come to Earth to learn specific lessons that they have pre-chosen to endure, and from which they intend to learn about themselves and their abilities. As with any other endeavor they undertake, a single event does not make them experts or possibly even very proficient at the task.

For this reason, a lesson such as finding and connecting to your inner peace, or essential unconditional love, has to be learned through many of life’s various challenges. Thus you will have it presented to yourself in numerous different scenarios and situations. It may seem as though you are losing the ability to be in that energy, but you are merely blocking it from view so that you take the time and effort to reconnect, and come to always be able to sense where it is located, even if life hides it behind adversity.

Altruistic love is not an individual’s life lesson. It is a choice one makes to share one’s energy with others, generally to make oneself feel good. This is a characteristic that occurs only within the duality of planet Earth, where the ego makes judgments about everything.

To share something with another, such as the man you mention, he has to want to share with you. You will never be able to force him to think or act the way you wish he would. The obstacles you perceive are personal beliefs that are interpreted through judgment. Step back, don’t judge, send unconditional love, and observe the results.

The connection with your man is something you chose in order to learn about evaluating how your life lessons may be the same as, or different from, those of a lover. You draw to yourself all the experiences that will allow you to understand what you wished to learn.

Societal demigods

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

QUESTION:  Masters. I am from a state called Manipur in India. There are so many demi-gods/forest gods/other form of gods who are regarded as highly powerful. They are there for many many years. What are these gods? Are they elevated souls or discarnate souls? Aren’t they supposed to return to their home? ~Oinam, India

ANSWER: These beings that are such a part of your society are designated and given powers by those who believe in them. They have become a part of your belief system because those around you tell you what they believe in and insist you share the same beliefs. This is where freedom of choice comes in.

When you travel to other countries and locations, you will find that people have no knowledge of these various forms of gods. This is because their ancestors didn’t start a belief in the alleged power of these deities, or they had others of their own. This is a part of your locale’s regional mythology.

A myth is a traditional story, generally of unknown origin, that usually uses a semi-historical basis to explain some phenomenon of nature, or is established to get a group of people acting in a particular manner.

Over the years, some nonphysical beings have purported to be one or the other of the deities in question. Some of these have been positive souls who have returned to act as guides for those still on Earth. Others have been negative souls who have left their bodies but wish to control the thoughts and actions of humans because they can. These latter beings use the religious beliefs as a way to induce someone to do what they want.

A soul has freedom of choice to return Home or remain on Earth. But we ask you: would you forsake unconditional love for a little control over a few humans? With each belief presented to you by others, ask yourself whether or not it serves any purpose in your life. Ask if it feels like it resonates with your soul, or if it is chaotic and abrasive. Accept only those beliefs that will assist you through your learning in this life.

Remember that all souls come from the pieces that were broken off of Source. Their essence is identical. They have the same powers and abilities if they accept they do and believe they can use them. No one is any “better” or more special than any other. There is no judgment whatsoever in the spiritual world – all are alike.