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Does amnesia ruin everything?

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, how can a soul learn and progress if each time it is reborn it ‘forgets’ what it learned from the previous life, and has to ‘start over’? Surely, you keep learning the same lessons and make the same mistakes? ~Lou, UK

ANSWER: Each time a soul comes down to the planet it has plans for a different set of lessons. Its purpose is to first work through each lesson and then to find out, or remember, who it truly is as a soul. Having all the answers in the beginning takes away the need to use freedom of choice to move through that life.

If a soul has a desire to be a master in a particular area, such as abandonment, remembering how it dealt with parental loss, say, would prevent it from significantly being able to work on spousal abandonment without knowing it is just a lesson it chose that has a lot of the same emotions it dealt with in other lives. Understanding the nuances and permutations of a human trait is the only way to achieve mastery.

Masters are not souls who are better than others, but rather those who have studied and lived through all the possible variations of a theme. In this example, a master would be expert in all the possible ways to create and deal with abandonment, and would also take the role of the abandoner to feel all those emotions as well.

In school, if someone gives you all the answers to the final examination before you have started the course, you are not very likely to spend much time studying the subject matter. The same effect would occur if you knew how to deal with your lessons before they presented themselves.

You don’t even come down with knowledge of your particular lessons. You have to work to uncover them from the fears and doubts they raise as you go through life. Frequently, interconnected lessons hide the major one until you deal with the minor ones. For instance, guilt, lack of self-confidence, and no self-love complicate seeing and working with abandonment. They have to be cleared before you can face the versions of this life’s particular type of abandonment.

Once all the lessons are complete, the soul may bring back into awareness what it has done in prior lives and how those experiences may have affected this life.

Dealing with energy sensitivity

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I feel as though I am sensitive to energy, possibly even being an empath. I feel as though I am sensitive to celestial forces (bodies) which I obviously have no control over. How can I keep myself from being bombarded by these energies and get off of the emotional rollercoaster? I suspect that I am sensitive to all different types of energies, what do I need to watch out for? Is there any benefit to me being sensitive to energy? ~Suzanne, USA

ANSWER: First a comment on celestial (mostly planetary) effects on a human body. Homo sapiens are largely composed of water. Large masses of solid matter – such as the moon, Saturn, even the entirety of the Milky Way system – pull, push, heat, and cool the body. Most people are unaware of these influences that can have an impact on the hormones and fluids within the body, most of which literally bob up and down in this liquid-like energy potion, causing your rollercoaster effect.

You are extremely sensitive to energy movement. There are many types of energy. The planetary energy is something you can direct away from yourself with your intention. You can see your body covered by an umbrella that causes the vibrations to avoid hitting and affecting you. This will derail your rollercoaster.

The energies that cause you the most difficulty are those emanating from other souls who are sharing the planet with you. The worst impact comes from the negativity of people embroiled in third-dimensional dramas. Particularly when you get drawn into the drama, such as an argument, you can feel positive energy being taken away from you. Avoiding engaging in verbal fighting will balance out your environment.

Being an open empath, you feel the energy fluctuations of those around you. If you have no protections in place to prevent being assailed by their negativity, you feel every speck of disruption within them. You need to learn to close your “receivers” to stop or moderate the amount of another’s world that you sense. This again has to do with using your intention to cover yourself in white protective light to shield you and have these emotions bounce off of you.

With each of these protection and shielding techniques, you have the ability to lessen or open them as you choose. The benefit of being so sensitive is the ability to sense whom to avoid because of their negativity and desire to steal your energy, and whom you can help, if you wish, by sending them healing and love energy.

Listening to others

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I need your help I am so confused in my life. I feel afraid of making decisions in my life and after taking decisions I over think about the consequences. What is the reason behind this behavior of mine how can I overcome this? Even I doubt my decision of marrying the person I loved in my life. I feel so negative also most of the time. This negativity is causing problems in my relationship. I know God is showering his blessings upon me but my attitude is ruining everything Please help me Masters. ~Shruti, India

ANSWER: You are like a lot of other people who want someone to tell them what to do so that they do not feel responsible for the consequences of their actions. You cannot learn about yourself and life unless you step up and make your own decisions. This is called using your freedom of choice to learn.

Behind your problem is a lack of self-confidence and self-respect. Negativity is a choice; if you feel that way it is because you have chosen be in negativity. You can reverse this energy by choosing to always maintain a positive outlook. You create your world and the feelings within it. It does take work; it won’t happen on its own.

Stop thinking and start feeling. When you think, you are giving power to all those who have filled your head with opinions and ideas. The feelings inside are who you really are. When you think and analyze, you are doing it for the purpose of judgment (is this idea right or wrong?). Stop worrying about society’s decision about something being good or bad and just decide if it is something you wish to do.

Once you have made a decision on your own, without the input of family and friends, see if it allows you to learn about yourself; if it doesn’t, it may be time to move on to something else. It wasn’t the wrong thing for you – it allowed you to evaluate if you needed it in your life.

No matter how much unconditional love energy you have in your life, it won’t help unless you accept it and are determined to use it to enrich your existence. Choose an attitude of love and positive living.