Does amnesia ruin everything?

QUESTION: Masters, how can a soul learn and progress if each time it is reborn it ‘forgets’ what it learned from the previous life, and has to ‘start over’? Surely, you keep learning the same lessons and make the same mistakes? ~Lou, UK

ANSWER: Each time a soul comes down to the planet it has plans for a different set of lessons. Its purpose is to first work through each lesson and then to find out, or remember, who it truly is as a soul. Having all the answers in the beginning takes away the need to use freedom of choice to move through that life.

If a soul has a desire to be a master in a particular area, such as abandonment, remembering how it dealt with parental loss, say, would prevent it from significantly being able to work on spousal abandonment without knowing it is just a lesson it chose that has a lot of the same emotions it dealt with in other lives. Understanding the nuances and permutations of a human trait is the only way to achieve mastery.

Masters are not souls who are better than others, but rather those who have studied and lived through all the possible variations of a theme. In this example, a master would be expert in all the possible ways to create and deal with abandonment, and would also take the role of the abandoner to feel all those emotions as well.

In school, if someone gives you all the answers to the final examination before you have started the course, you are not very likely to spend much time studying the subject matter. The same effect would occur if you knew how to deal with your lessons before they presented themselves.

You don’t even come down with knowledge of your particular lessons. You have to work to uncover them from the fears and doubts they raise as you go through life. Frequently, interconnected lessons hide the major one until you deal with the minor ones. For instance, guilt, lack of self-confidence, and no self-love complicate seeing and working with abandonment. They have to be cleared before you can face the versions of this life’s particular type of abandonment.

Once all the lessons are complete, the soul may bring back into awareness what it has done in prior lives and how those experiences may have affected this life.