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Is Earth just a reflection of the Spirit World?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I know that love is the dominant vibration in the spirit world; it’s hard for me to comprehend how it can be that there is only harmony and no disagreement of any sorts. People are so diverse while incarnated wouldn’t the conclusion be that in spirit there would be similar variation in opinions and energies? Isn’t the universe a materialized reflection of the spirit world? Spiritual advice for soul development often focuses on reaching a level of inner peace, harmony and love, getting ‘closer’ to source and maybe even reemerging with it. Wouldn’t evolution point in the way of more complexity rather than unity? Shouldn’t masters like you instead of speaking as ‘we’ and giving the impression of being a quite unified harmonious multitude with all similar opinions rather each have an extraordinary, outstanding and impressive own personality, grown from so much life experience and Interpretation of universal knowledge? ~Angelica, Austria

ANSWER: Unconditional love is the only vibration in the spirit world. Within the unconditional love is a total lack of judgment, which is what allows for differences and contrasts of opinions. It is not that souls do not have various experiences based on their individual trips to Earth, but to their thoughts there is no right or wrong answer or direction that is the grist of a disagreement. All things are accepted as the choices made by the soul.

The universe, or Earth in particular, is not a materialized reflection of the spirit world. Ego, and its manifesting agent, judgment, does not exist anywhere but on Earth. It is with judgment that one learns to use freedom of choice, which is how one learns about chosen life lessons. Earth was created as the only classroom for exposure to negativity and growing through rejecting it and turning to positivity.

The word evolution includes within its definition a judgment. It rates, grades, and has built-in decisions to impose on those who accept its concept. The change in the souls having an incarnation may be called evolution on Earth, as they find their inner peace, harmony, and love through the choices they make. We simply call this creating an awareness – first of your life lessons, and second of who you truly are.

Souls at Home are not proponents of their life experiences as the only ways to do things. They are like encyclopedias, with a multitude of variables available for one to try. They don’t have disagreements because no two of them have had identical experiences, so comparing viewpoints would be like comparing apples and oranges. When all your variables are different, it is impossible to compare – so you just accept all possibilities.

What we all agree upon is the unlimited number of ways to do anything and everything. We are united in that approach to the discussion of the human experience. We will share, with anyone who asks, our knowledge of what we have done and previously observed so others may benefit from the wisdom of all our lives, but we do not see one as more advanced or perfect than another.

Life lessons and relationships

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have a continuous fear in my relationship. I’ve had it with every intimate relationship I’ve ever had. I’ve logically concluded that I can’t blame my parents or my past any more. Logically I open myself to the fact that my partner is on his own journey and will take whatever path he desires. I will still be whole and on my own journey if that occurs. However, the fears still come up. I’ve tried working with them, journaling, feeling through them, ignoring them, etc. Why do these fears constantly come up for me and what can I do to work through them? I know my flaws and I don’t want to hurt myself and hurt my beloved, but at some level maybe I do in order to stay in control? I see how good he is and he treats me extremely well but the doubts remain. ~Raven, United States

ANSWER: Your fears and doubts are the signposts showing you where your life lessons are presenting themselves to you. Using logic is relying on what society says should happen and what has worked for others as they have reported. Logic is judgment – the work of the ego – and has nothing to do with a spiritual evaluation of the events you are facing.

The fears keep returning because you are thinking about them logically but not dealing with them emotionally and spiritually. They pop up because there is a lesson triggering their appearance and you are not paying attention to it. When one appears ask yourself: Why is this here? How does it make me feel? What past event did I bury instead of completing the learning process?

Don’t “think” the answers, but allow yourself to “feel” them. This will take you to the events you need to work through. You can then see what you have been holding on to instead of releasing. Acknowledge that you can clean these things out of your “closet” and have room to live without these ghosts remaining in hiding.

“Flaws” are your excuse for looking the other way when changes are required. Being in control is one of your lessons. Control is an illusion. No one can really control another unless that person consents. No one can control a situation because with each additional person involved, there are that many variables to multiply into the equation until it is overwhelming.

Hold on to and unconditionally love that fantastic man you have. You have nothing to doubt about him. See him for who he is and don’t paint him with your fears from any other time in your life.

Examining feelings of another’s love

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, my flatmate found herself a boyfriend – good for her! The man is kind and a bit shy, but every time he visits our home I get very anxious. It’s difficult to be at home when he’s around. Am I being too sensitive, too territorial or too judgmental? Is there anything I can do to help myself feel better whenever he’s here? I fear this becomes a big issue between me and my friend. ~Sanni, Finland

ANSWER: Your anxiety comes from a fear of the future. You have been more at peace with this flatmate than at any other time in your life. You sense that if her affair gets more intense, she will be leaving you and your world will fall apart.

When he is not around you can ignore the possibilities, but when he is there it is living proof of the potential change. You also envy the aura you sense around your friend. Their love is a true and pure love that anyone would desire and all are able to feel. Your sensitivity enables you to put yourself in your flatmate’s position and drink in the love. But then you realize it is not your life but someone else’s.

This has nothing to do with territorial feelings or being judgmental. If any judgment is coming into play, it is your being disappointed with yourself that you have not been able to find a similar available mate. The best thing you can do in this situation is find a mate, or at least a new bunch of acquaintances with whom you can spend time and share a mutual sense of love.