Listening to others

QUESTION: Masters, I need your help I am so confused in my life. I feel afraid of making decisions in my life and after taking decisions I over think about the consequences. What is the reason behind this behavior of mine how can I overcome this? Even I doubt my decision of marrying the person I loved in my life. I feel so negative also most of the time. This negativity is causing problems in my relationship. I know God is showering his blessings upon me but my attitude is ruining everything Please help me Masters. ~Shruti, India

ANSWER: You are like a lot of other people who want someone to tell them what to do so that they do not feel responsible for the consequences of their actions. You cannot learn about yourself and life unless you step up and make your own decisions. This is called using your freedom of choice to learn.

Behind your problem is a lack of self-confidence and self-respect. Negativity is a choice; if you feel that way it is because you have chosen be in negativity. You can reverse this energy by choosing to always maintain a positive outlook. You create your world and the feelings within it. It does take work; it won’t happen on its own.

Stop thinking and start feeling. When you think, you are giving power to all those who have filled your head with opinions and ideas. The feelings inside are who you really are. When you think and analyze, you are doing it for the purpose of judgment (is this idea right or wrong?). Stop worrying about society’s decision about something being good or bad and just decide if it is something you wish to do.

Once you have made a decision on your own, without the input of family and friends, see if it allows you to learn about yourself; if it doesn’t, it may be time to move on to something else. It wasn’t the wrong thing for you – it allowed you to evaluate if you needed it in your life.

No matter how much unconditional love energy you have in your life, it won’t help unless you accept it and are determined to use it to enrich your existence. Choose an attitude of love and positive living.