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Finding self love

Friday, July 11th, 2008


Q: Masters, I have become aware lately that I don’t know what this self-love that you talk about really is. I am aware of the sense of love that I have for others that feels very rewarding to me, a sympathetic, romantic type of love. I have always thought that self-love is the love I feel that comes back to me when I love and help another, am I correct?

A: A true self-love is tapping into the soul of oneself to touch the unconditional love that is the essence of all of us. As souls, we are all unconditional love. That love requires nothing, including another person, for you to be able to bathe in its warmth.

Loving your self is the ability to go inside and touch that unconditional love. In order to reach that state of awareness, you must love every aspect of where you are within your present physical being.

You may say: I am fat, ugly, have a lousy job, or am a drunk; how can I love myself? Our answer is that all we are asking you to love is your essence—the unconditional love of your soul. You don’t even have to like everything about the body you currently call home, but you need to love who you are as a soul. You have the ability to change the body that encompasses your soul, unless that is part of this life’s lesson.

The love you seek, even crave from others, is reflected from you. You can love another only to the extent that you love yourself. If you hate yourself, you are incapable of truly loving another because you do not feel that you are worthy of their love.

When you love everything about the beauty of your soul, you know that you are as good as everyone else and worthy of receiving their love. There are no fears that can exist in such an environment, and therefore you are only aware of the essence—the love.