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No need to see to believe

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008


Dear fellow souls, we are constantly hearing requests from humans that they need to see us so that they can know themselves and what they need to do. They want to hear us so they can be told if they are doing what they should.

First, we will not show ourselves just so you can believe we are real, and we will never tell you what to do because that would interfere with your freedom of choice and we may not do that. Second, we ask why you need to see us. Is it that you do not believe we exist? Or that despite feeling we do exist, you still require physical validation?

We are energy and do not appear to people unless there is a very good reason. We do not communicate in your vocal language unless you are so disbelieving as to need to hear from outside yourself. But normally we do not bother because you would simply find some physical explanation for the phenomenon you observe.

Our usual means of communication uses vibrations—whereby we stimulate the centers of your brain that translate and record messages from outside you. What you perceive is the sound of your own voice telling you the advice you seek, or the innate knowing that a particular fact is true.

At this time we call your attention to our missive two weeks ago, entitled “The importance of Faith”, in which we discussed the need to have faith in yourself and the feelings that you detect from within. We are always helping you; we will not make your decisions for you, but we give you facts that will allow you to make an informed decision for yourself.

Living your life in love, light, and laughter will make that faith easier.

The Masters of the Spirit World