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What’s the story?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

QUESTION: Masters is life under our control, and can we do and be anything we want? Or are we subject to contracts and agreements previously made with other brothers before we come to earth? Can thoughts change unpleasant and difficult situations in life, or are they lessons to live with? ~Ira, Brasil

ANSWER: There are two aspects to our answer. First: As a soul, you can plan anything you wish to experience in the manner you want to have it occur. Second: once on Earth, you have the ability to create your reality in any way you choose, but this is influenced by the plans you made before coming to Earth.

The pre-incarnation planning does not get so specific as to make your life a predetermined non-changeable event. You decide on various experiences you wish to explore and things you want to learn. You may want to learn about control, but you do not say you want to be President; you just say you want to have control over others – as, for instance, a teacher, a policeman, or a politician. Then, using your freedom of choice, you set about learning how to control others. You may even try several different manners of accomplishing your goal.

Even if you have made a contract with another soul, that does not mean it can never be dissolved. Let’s say you wanted someone to let you experience dependency by running you over with their car. If, however, you got a taste of being dependent before they had a chance to injure you, it is possible to say, “Once was enough for me to learn and I don’t need to go through it again, so forget what I asked of you.”

The way you think about things definitely influences what happens in your life. If you think that being an athlete is boring, tiresome, and repetitious – just plain not fun – you will never become a star because you will not put any effort into being good. But if you revel in the exhilaration of using your body to the maximum, enjoy the adoration of the crowds, and see sports as a way to gather loads of money, then you can make it happen.

Everything a soul does while in their human body contains lessons. Some are very evident, and some are subtle examples of what can only occur while the soul has a functioning, sensation-aware form. Be aware that you do create your own reality by the choices you make, the beliefs you hold, and the actions you draw to yourself by your desiring them to appear.

Can’t stop crying

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

QUESTION: Masters may I graciously ask you to shed some light on the reason I cry so much? My memory seems to be wiped out (almost completely?) from what I remember I did not cry much as a kid, or young adult. But now I cannot stop crying. ~Stephanie, Canada

ANSWER: You had a traumatic occurrence when you were a child and then you suppressed everything that happened to you from then on. All those memories are packed and hidden within a very tight container to keep them from surfacing. What is getting out is the energy of hurt, guilt, and relief.

Your tears are a combination of fear, sadness, and happiness. Your unconscious is completely aware of the cause of the waterworks, but you haven’t allowed yourself to let it into your consciousness. It is all right to leave things this way if you desire, but you could always go after the memories and get rid of them faster than the slow release happening now.

An age regression would permit you to visit your childhood and youth. If you had the intention to gain knowledge of and understand your problems, you could be steered directly to them. Breaking the stranglehold you have maintained on these memories all these years will make you feel better and stop the constant release of teary energy.

Hypnosis with a spiritual hypnotherapist would be the easiest way to accomplish an awareness, but you could try scratching the surface with a deep meditation aimed at the hidden past. Also ask, as you fall asleep at night, for your guides to assist you in reaching back into the cause of your distress.

Keep in mind that all this energy is involved around life lessons you chose to experience. You need feel no guilt for their appearance or for the delay in addressing them. Step outside the pain and observe what it was that you sought to understand about life. Decide what was learned and whether it is necessary for it to remain within or if you can thank it for its lessons and kick it out of your life.


Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I’m fascinated by the Dogmen sightings. Similar to Big Foot sightings, except these are bipedal wolf creatures looking like werewolves. Dogmen researchers are trying to figure out what they are. Some native American tribes say they are spirits who can take a physical form. What are Dogmen and what spiritual purpose do they have, if any? ~Maarit, Finland

ANSWER: There is a whole study of all the various types of animals that have been observed and imagined on planet Earth. It is called cryptozoology. Animals that have not been classified, authenticated, or captured, or whose remains have not been found, are called crypts or cryptids. Currently studied crypts are your Dogmen, Yetis, Big Foot, Sasquatch, The Loch Ness Monster, and many regional sightings of animal and animal/human hybrids.

“Nessie” (The Loch Ness Monster) has just recently been identified by several groups as a gigantic eel. A hybrid dog killed in Michigan was seen walking on its hind feet while attacking a chicken coop and was identified as a dogman. Unless there are enough specimens to identify features a cryptid shares with previously recognized and identified animals, what is found or observed is thought to just be a hybrid, a deformity, or a hoax.

All souls are broken off from Source and have the same powers and abilities of Source. That means they can create or manifest anything they set their mind to produce. Some souls take this to the point of shifting from one outer covering into another that will serve a purpose they seek at the time. Another soul, also having a human experience, will be able to see these creations only if they believe that they are possible.

All these cryptids, if not manufactured by someone to perpetrate a hoax on another, are the products of souls who are on their journey of existing in the duality of the Earth. It is a way for them to experiment and gain knowledge and understanding about the possibilities for a soul while in a physical form.