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Creating beliefs for others

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters through my work I believe that I have witnessed how parents feelings and beliefs can be taken on by a baby inutero or through childhood and onwards (some people refer to as thought forms). I work in different ways to help others release energy/beliefs that aren’t belonging to them and work through negative beliefs about their self. However, I am struggling with this issue personally at the moment in relation to my son. Whilst I know that this is likely one of his chosen life lessons and understand that in many ways, I feel distressed from a human level. I am confused around my role and how to help him with this. I worry about him going through this and about his future and feel guilty about my part in this, life lesson or not. I would really appreciate your help. ~Jenean, Australia

ANSWER: You are talking about the belief systems that each person chooses and uses to manage their lives. They are the rules and regulations upon which human behavior is determined. Children learn these first from their parents, and yes, even while in their mother’s womb they are sensitive to the patterns of the mother’s belief system. Then come all the other rules they are exposed to from teachers, society, and organizations.

What most souls having a human experience must first learn is that they have the freedom of choice to change these beliefs as they see fit. The majority of people  think their system is just the way it all works and the way they have
to do things. They need to know that each rule can be deleted and replaced with something that resonates with them instead of making them feel controlled.

A soul chooses their parents and living situation before they come, anticipating that it will provide the staging for the lessons they seek to explore. Since all lessons are presented in negativity – for the soul to figure that out and also how to turn them positive – you cannot prevent your son from being exposed.

The main lesson you can assist him with is the understanding that he has that freedom to make choices. Unless he stands alone and examines all the possibilities presented to him, he will never be able to take responsibility for his actions. Without being responsible for his decisions, he cannot learn and grow in understanding of his place as a soul.

You have fulfilled your part of bringing him into this world and getting him started in life. Now trust in him and his ability to create the reality he needs to complete the reasons he came to learn.

Are there soul groups?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters do we really have soul groups? There is a teacher that explains that we are like in each other’s “orbits” and that we are meant to meet lifetime after lifetime. I found these so nice because in some way I’m scared of losing my loved ones. Is this correct? Can you tell me something about this? ~Mavi, Argentina

ANSWER: Every soul was broken off from Source energy. The very last separation of each is energy almost identical to their own. This soul is called your twin flame, and together, the only thing that matters to each of you is sharing your energy with the other. That is why it is very unusual for twin flames to be incarnate at the same time.

Think of an assembly line of souls being individualized. The energy of the souls immediately around you is easily recognized by you because it mimics the feelings that you have. If any of the souls made during the same period are near you on Earth, you sense the sameness of your energy. You will think that you know them but understand that you have never met on Earth before. These are your soul mates.

The intensity of that sense of “sameness” extends to the 72 souls who arrived before you and the 72 souls who came after, a total of 144 souls. That is what is referred to as your soul group. No two soul groups are identical because the soul who comes before you has their group of 72 end one soul before you. The closer the soul is to you in conception, the stronger is your ability to identify them.

You come to Earth, into the negative positive duality, in order to learn lessons. Each trip that you make is determined by you alone and involves only things you have decided to explore. For this reason, it is rare to have too many “friends” or soul mates accompany you because they would detract from your learning process. You do meet them again when you return Home.

Your physical relatives are rarely members of your soul group unless you have decided to assist each other in learning a particular lesson. You never ever lose those souls with whom you have shared anything, either on Earth, or at Home. This journey is a solo affair and is supposed to be for you to exercise your freedom of choice to decide what happens. The maturation process is your accepting full responsibility for your decisions and learning the things you came to experience.

Reiki symbols

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, recently I was looking for new opportunities of learning about energy and I thought it was a nice idea for me to continue another level of Reiki that I started 5 years ago. But along the way I thought of an interesting question: are Reiki symbols really necessary in channeling love energy? If I just use my hands and my intention to bring love energy from the universe is it effective and have the same amount of energy as Reiki using symbols? ~Regina, Brazil

ANSWER: The effectiveness depends on your beliefs about the needed actions. Anyone can use the universal life force, or unconditional loving Source energy, at any time, for any reason, merely by presenting the intention to the universe. You don’t need symbols or even hand signals unless you believe they are needed.

All healing energy does is balance the physical body back to its original state. It takes two people to accomplish that: the practitioner who is calling on the energy and directing it to the client, and the client having the faith that the energy is going to help them restructure their physical infirmity.

The practitioner must not become vested in the outcome or think that they are the reason for any healing that is accomplished, beyond being the conduit for the energy.

The client must accept that they can be healed and maintain that intention throughout the sessions. If they have doubts about the effectiveness, it diminishes the results. If they have called the imbalance in the first place, like thinking they will get breast cancer because so many of their relatives have had it, they may bring the disease back unless they can accept their own ability to create the reality within which they live.

Some Reiki students believe that the flow of energy cannot begin unless they invoke the Reiki symbols. This initially was taught so that only those chosen by the teacher would be regarded as able to conduct the energy. Intention is the only “tool”
needed to get the energy flowing.

All forms of energy healing, regardless what titles they go by, use the same universal energy. Some have even more symbols and procedures than Reiki – but they too may begin with intention alone.