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Do we program our thoughts?

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters so you said that everything on earth happens as the soul wishes to experience it, does that also mean the questions and thoughts in the mind that I go through? Is this the same for anyone else that can relate? ~Sophia, USA

ANSWER: Souls come into the duality of the planet in order to have a physical body with which to help them find out what powers and abilities are intrinsic to their essence from being a piece of Source energy. They had decided before coming to Earth what particular lessons they desired to work on while here. Those tasks were not elaborated specifically but were general in nature.

For instance, if one wished to study addiction, they could have set themselves up in a family where the parents were addicts and the temptation of following their example was prominent. How is this a lesson, you might ask? Well, the soul has total freedom to choose what actions they are going to take in life. Are they going to follow society and use ego judgment to determine their place? Or are they going to turn inward, using their energy to evaluate the alternatives to decide what they may learn from and what is destructive?

Having decided what lessons to work on, a soul will always be in the right position to have the choice of direction. Thoughts are completely human. In this instance, they come from what the person believes is true from the input presented by those around them. If they don’t want to make decisions themselves, they will follow the thought patterns of society, in this case other addicts, and never follow a non-addictive route, therefore not learning their lesson.

The only way to work through lessons is to set aside the group mentality and go inside to the inner wisdom. Feeling, not thinking, is the only way to move forward spiritually. Since most humans work through their actions in their heads, it is important that they are relying on the feelings coming from within and not just the opinions of others. Thoughts are not pre-determined. This is the laboratory classroom space for working out the answers.

Living on Prana

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I’d like you to talk a little bit about the Australian Jasmuheen. She has written several books and says that it is possible to live “eating light” (prana). She travels the world offering retreats and courses so that more people can live that way. I want to know if this is all true. Is it possible to maintain a biological body without ingestion of organic food? ~C., Brazil

ANSWER: Anything that a soul can imagine is possible if they create it as part of their reality. Energy is everything and everything is energy. Therefore, nothing is physical until some force envisions it as a physical entity. Once that physical entity is present, sustaining its existence is up to the initiating force.

Souls incarnate to experience a duality of positive and negative energy. They use the contrary forces to understand what powers and abilities are possible for them in their created physical world through freedom of choice. This series of decisions transforms their illusion into a physical reality, which they manipulate to gain wisdom.

If a soul follows a pattern they have established for the usual trip to Earth, they become a human by going through the gestational period and being just like their parents – human beings that are nutritionally dependent machines. This is a choice and also controlled by their selected belief systems.

If a person believes that they need to eat meat to thrive, it will be so. If they believe that it is wrong to eat meat and only plant nutrients are needed, then that is what they do. If they shun all types of animal products, they will become vegan. Then there are those whose beliefs dictate a raw diet or a wholly fruit diet. The body can flourish on whatever the belief system for living represents – if the mind is totally in agreement with its belief system. If it has any doubts, then it will find, no matter what the food consumption entails, that they will have poor health.

Just as the soul, having this physical experience, can use energy to heal disasters that have afflicted the body, they can use energy to sustain the body. If your belief is that your body is merely biological in nature and requires organic food, then that is as far as you can progress with maintaining your body.

But, if you believe that your body is an illusion created by you to complete your work on Earth, you can convert it to a form of sustenance other than organic foods. Existing on prana, which is really the unconditionally loving energy of the universe – or sunlight, a type of the same – becomes possible. This has been demonstrated for centuries by mystics in the Far East, and even before that by the Atlanteans and Lemurians.  

Personality of animals

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I absolutely adore all animals. You talk about most animals not having a soul yet there are so many cute stories of many animals like for example squirrels, otters, horses that have cute personalities and if you watch Facebook I post animal stories daily. I feel I have the ability to connect to animals in a special way? so I always hate when you answer people’s questions about animals, and you don’t give them much high regard. Why? ~Susie, NZ

ANSWER: We do not downplay the importance of animals in the lives of a lot of souls having physical experiences. The point is that we are concerned about souls and their journeys of gaining knowledge that they can turn into wisdom to carry forward to the complete understanding of the powers and abilities of the soul. Few souls believe they can learn their life lessons in anything other than a physical body, so they never choose to incarnate as an animal.

Animals have restrictions on their ability to use freedom of choice, because they really don’t have any. They are either wild with little contact with humans and using all their resources just to keep themselves fed, or kept domestically as a food source for humans, or relegated to being companions for humans (pets).

Animals allow people to have a point of reference for the things occurring in the world around them because they are non-threatening. Actions that another human performs that may help someone understand a lesson of theirs, may not be observed by the soul because they don’t want to take the chance of interacting with another. A similar type activity by a pet will be observed, analyzed, and used to direct future behavior of the person.

Yes, animals are an important aspect of the world within which souls go to learn. But the ones without souls aren’t vital to the learning experience of the soul on their journey toward a spiritual experience.