Personality of animals

QUESTION: Masters I absolutely adore all animals. You talk about most animals not having a soul yet there are so many cute stories of many animals like for example squirrels, otters, horses that have cute personalities and if you watch Facebook I post animal stories daily. I feel I have the ability to connect to animals in a special way? so I always hate when you answer people’s questions about animals, and you don’t give them much high regard. Why? ~Susie, NZ

ANSWER: We do not downplay the importance of animals in the lives of a lot of souls having physical experiences. The point is that we are concerned about souls and their journeys of gaining knowledge that they can turn into wisdom to carry forward to the complete understanding of the powers and abilities of the soul. Few souls believe they can learn their life lessons in anything other than a physical body, so they never choose to incarnate as an animal.

Animals have restrictions on their ability to use freedom of choice, because they really don’t have any. They are either wild with little contact with humans and using all their resources just to keep themselves fed, or kept domestically as a food source for humans, or relegated to being companions for humans (pets).

Animals allow people to have a point of reference for the things occurring in the world around them because they are non-threatening. Actions that another human performs that may help someone understand a lesson of theirs, may not be observed by the soul because they don’t want to take the chance of interacting with another. A similar type activity by a pet will be observed, analyzed, and used to direct future behavior of the person.

Yes, animals are an important aspect of the world within which souls go to learn. But the ones without souls aren’t vital to the learning experience of the soul on their journey toward a spiritual experience.