Do we program our thoughts?

QUESTION: Masters so you said that everything on earth happens as the soul wishes to experience it, does that also mean the questions and thoughts in the mind that I go through? Is this the same for anyone else that can relate? ~Sophia, USA

ANSWER: Souls come into the duality of the planet in order to have a physical body with which to help them find out what powers and abilities are intrinsic to their essence from being a piece of Source energy. They had decided before coming to Earth what particular lessons they desired to work on while here. Those tasks were not elaborated specifically but were general in nature.

For instance, if one wished to study addiction, they could have set themselves up in a family where the parents were addicts and the temptation of following their example was prominent. How is this a lesson, you might ask? Well, the soul has total freedom to choose what actions they are going to take in life. Are they going to follow society and use ego judgment to determine their place? Or are they going to turn inward, using their energy to evaluate the alternatives to decide what they may learn from and what is destructive?

Having decided what lessons to work on, a soul will always be in the right position to have the choice of direction. Thoughts are completely human. In this instance, they come from what the person believes is true from the input presented by those around them. If they don’t want to make decisions themselves, they will follow the thought patterns of society, in this case other addicts, and never follow a non-addictive route, therefore not learning their lesson.

The only way to work through lessons is to set aside the group mentality and go inside to the inner wisdom. Feeling, not thinking, is the only way to move forward spiritually. Since most humans work through their actions in their heads, it is important that they are relying on the feelings coming from within and not just the opinions of others. Thoughts are not pre-determined. This is the laboratory classroom space for working out the answers.