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Engaging in manifestation

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters long ago I tried teaching a friend about how the law of manifestation works and how the emotions and thoughts you choose to focus on change your perception of reality.  They replied with sadness that they are probably incapable of performing such. They have struggled with the ability to express what they feel on the outside and to feeling not much if they were to look at a sundown which another person might have felt awe at. I cannot magically force them to change their depressive way of thinking. That is their own path in life. ~Marita, Norway

ANSWER: You should not condemn yourself for failing to persuade someone to understand the spiritual path when they are so entangled within the ego societal way. Every soul has chosen different life lessons and various types of human personalities to learn more about themselves as a soul.

To truly use the powers and abilities that are contained within them because of their origin as a piece of Source, one must first learn to love oneself and honor each person’s individual journey. Your friend was on a very basic journey to work on understanding the difference between negative and positive energy and to further understand that they have complete freedom of choice in shaping their illusionary world.

Incumbent within that type of life is separating oneself from the standard way people in society use their ego. Ego makes one judge, rate, and grade everything and everybody with whom they come in contact. But ego can be used to understand that all people contain souls that are all equal in all things. This is a very difficult concept for someone who is not even prepared to accept that they are a soul.

Your friend also was dealing with lessons concerning lack of self-confidence and worthiness issues. This results in depression and an “I can’t do it” attitude. You must give a person in this state some time to work through their basic lessons before they are ready to believe and use their intention to accomplish manifestation. Don’t let this one example discourage your attempts to help others.

Changing belief patterns

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I always read about breaking patterns and things like that, and how it supposedly brings “new life”. But now I used to think “what pattern exactly?” and why, and how it happens?  In 2016 I’ve felt that I break some patterns, but now I just think I was angry and I just don’t want to live the way I used to live because I’m afraid and tired of how I used to feel. I don’t know. I don’t want to change by fear/hate. ~Heitor, Brasil

ANSWER: The way someone behaves and acts is based upon the beliefs they accept and apply to their life. These belief systems, or patterns, consciously and unconsciously control every aspect of one’s life. They are the rules and regulations that dictate responses to living in the world and interacting with others.

Most people do not recognize that they are being controlled by these choices because they originate initially from the way a child is raised. They come from parents. teachers, religious leaders, and society in general. They stick with a person unless or until that person feels adversely affected by them and feels a need to change the way they are unconsciously reacting to different things.

Disappointment, anger, disgust, and fear are frequently initiators for change. What you did in 2016 was to decide that the way you were handling your life was no longer beneficial for you, so you changed. Simply put, you changed some of those beliefs that had always directed your behavior and chose new ways of handling the situations that arose.

When you made these substitutions of beliefs, you broke the old patterns and replaced them with new ones of your own making. This is what souls come to Earth to do. You need to perform such a switch to assist yourself in learning and dealing with your life lessons. You move from negative energy into positive energy.

Understanding feelings

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I’m writing you because ever since my brother took his own life (at fourteen), two years ago, I’ve been having severe social anxiety. I’m too conscious of my surroundings, all my actions are based on fear of rejection. I have this deep feeling I’m different than most people, that I’m not supposed to be here. There is a lot of love in me. I try to never have any cruel intentions towards anyone. Yet no matter how hard I try, I can’t comfort or reassure myself this anxiety is coming from my own creation. I’m 18 now but have gone through the most dark and horrible emotions towards myself and my life. My brother and I had a strong connection and I feel like he is the only one who would understand me through this. Could you please tell me, is there anything I’m doing wrong? ~Fanny, The Netherlands

ANSWER: You sense that your brother’s departure originated from his sense of being rejected and hated by those around him. Your closeness to him makes you wonder why you didn’t see his decision before he acted upon it. You also wonder if you are headed in the same direction.

You are extremely sensitive and have sensed that your friends don’t know how to treat you anymore after your brother’s suicide. This is the cause of your anxiety in social situations. The most prominent difference is your feeling of not belonging because others, not having gone through the death of a sibling, just don’t understand your loss.

You are present in this world by choice. You decided you wanted to enter this life, and as horrible as it may seem, you wished to experience the tragedies that have surrounded you. It is possible to connect to your brother on the Other Side. Let him help you understand why these things appeared in your life and how you can live with them and learn from them.

The only thing you are doing that you can change is your attitude about the current events in your life. First remember that you are a soul who is having a human experience to learn how to deal with negativity, and draw as close as possible to a life of complete, unconditional love. The essence of your soul is the Source energy from which you came. That means you have all the powers and abilities of which Source is composed. Use those to work through your sorrow, anxiety, and aloneness.

Find a peer group of others who have experienced this same horrid life lesson. Share your feelings with them and hear the difficulties they are having and how they have been able to deal with them. You are not alone in this. There are those in human form who understand and those in spirit form who will help if asked.