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Is there a lesson priority?

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I’m a few months into a job I don’t really enjoy. However, I feel that if I quit, I will not learn the lesson of persistence. And if I stay, I will not learn the lesson of independence and pursuing what is interesting to me. Is it possible that in this situation the choice is not really important as both situations would end up being life lessons that I chose before coming here? Do lessons have hierarchy? ~Greta, Lithuania

ANSWER: You have examined persistence in detail, and there is no longer a need to stay in this position for more such experience. A soul creates its own reality by the choices it makes and the beliefs by which it lives. Sometimes you find yourself lured into a situation just for you to realize (1) that it is something that does not serve your learning process and (2) that there is nothing wrong with admitting that and moving on to something else.

When you admit something isn’t working, or right for you, and you change direction, you are taking responsibility for your life and, by default, adding to your knowledge. It is time to do only what “feels” like it resonates with you. It is time to work on those goals of self-confidence, independence (being responsible for your own decisions), and finding something about which you can become passionate.

There is no hierarchy in the lessons you chose. Once you have recognized and worked through a particular lesson, you can let it go if you can see similar situations before you get too wrapped up in them. That is not to say that the universe may not plop another example down in front of you – like this job – but you will not learn anything new by repeating the process over again.

The only priority a soul has with its lessons is that it attempts to completely learn the basis for choosing as many as possible in each existence. But there are no rules or requirements. Create a life that will allow you to be yourself and acquire as much wisdom about human living as you desire.

Power of negativity

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my mother, in her 70s, is very challenging. Although she claims to be kind, loving and strong, she is often provoking, cruel, selfish, demanding, controlling and manipulative. After a series of disrespectful and downright strange behaviors towards me, that repeated childhood trauma, and her professing innocence, I decided to disengage for my own protection and sanity. Now my mother psychically haunts me and demands that I telephone her. Is she bringing with her a dark female entity to also haunt me? Or did I do this? A being actually hits me as I sleep or rest, saying I need her and that I’ll be sorry. How many disruptive beings are after me? Please explain and help. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Your mother is still trying to treat you like a child and exert complete control over you. She is everything you surmised about her and is in league with negative spirits. Negativity gathers more negativity; negative spirits invite additional negative spirits to join in their games, and she has a pile of them around her. Your mother believes very strongly in her superiority and uses it to project her desires at and to other people. She truly believes that she is a “good” person and that everything she does is for the benefit of others.

By distancing yourself, you are honoring and loving yourself. But you still have not resolved all the damage your mother did to your psyche when you were young. You fear her, and that gives her and her negative minions the ability to taunt you whenever they desire. She wants to have you cater to her every wish, so she is sending energy to disrupt your life. You have allowed this to have an effect upon you because of your fear of her power.

You need to protect yourself from all this negativity. Start first by surrounding yourself with white light composed of unconditionally loving positive energy, which you may easily bring in from the universe. The negative spirits cannot penetrate this barrier. Be very clear in your intention that you do not want their interference, and revoke whatever permission to bother you anyone may feel they now possess.

Ask your personal guides to watch over any attempts to interfere with you at any time, but particularly when you are at rest. In a meditation, reach out to give the message very strongly to your mother’s higher self that you do not intend to give in to her demands and that all contacts should cease.

It is very important that you be firm in these actions and that you do not let the past influence the future. You are made of the same essence as your mother and therefore are as strong, manipulative, and powerful as she – as long as you believe you are and never falter in that belief.

Physical and nonphysical possibilities

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters if a lady whilst incarnate longed to experience having a child of her own, but was unable to fulfil this dream in her lifetime on earth, would it still be possible for her to realize this dream once back home in Spirit? ~David, England

ANSWER: The soul is very powerful and controls its environment via intention. If a woman desperately wants to have a child during a human incarnation, there are many ways this can be accomplished besides normal self-gestation. It is the mind alone that creates a distinction between the child’s being “her own” or just a possession she picked up along the way.

If she gets a child in other than the “normal” male/female route, she can visualize, either through meditation or hypnosis, going through the entire process. She can experience her body swelling, soreness, bladder control problems, lack of sleep, and getting kicked from the inside – and even childbirth with the accompanying pain.

A difficulty in getting pregnant during a lifetime can have something to do with the life lessons the person has chosen. These decisions are made prior to coming to Earth. Once the soul returns to the realm of unconditional love, they do not have a defined sex and rarely choose to maintain a physical-appearing body because there are too many problems with keeping it functioning like a body on Earth. It is also very restrictive since it limits the soul from splitting itself to be in more than one place at a time. The essence of the soul is amorphous energy without form. In other words, no, it would not be possible to realize a physical action in the nonphysical plane.

The lady would be able to plan out a subsequent life involving one or more “normal” pregnancies, deliveries, and raising of children. An alternative would be for her soul to “walk in” to a body that another soul is leaving while it is in a position of childbirth. Another possibility would be to spend a short time assuming the role of a woman having a child. The opportunities are all only available while incarnate in a human body.